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Do you leave them for the maids? or bring home I know things are tougher now and some of our products are dear so just wondered? I tend to bring mine back................
Depends entirely on how much is left in them. If it's over half, then I bring them home. I do find I leave more if I go to one of the poorer destinations.
I bring back anything expensive like moisturisers but leave shampoo, conditioner and deodorant.
i usually leave most things like shampoo, conditioner but other stuff for my hair i bring back
I have always brought toiletries home unless nearly empty.
By the end of two weeks I generally don't have much in the way of shampoo or shower gel left, so generally leave behind. Hair products I will buy travel size so and take what is left home.
Always !! As the'res not much left usually, its not worth taking home, shampoo and conditioner is so cheap in the uk nowadays, especially with shops like home bargains, poundland and bodycare, same goes for suntan lotion .
Eleven years ago when we went to cuba, I did lots of research and found that the maids couldn't get things like toiletries, so I stocked up and took shed loads of things like shampoo, disposable razors and soap and found it was a real pleasure to give these things to them as they were rationed and had to last a family months .
I take travel sizes where possible and buy those plastic bottle for other things, like lavender water. Last trip I also took my electric toothbrush so took a new ordinary one as a backup. I left it along with other stuff I thought the maid might be able to use. If thru don't want it, they can dispose of it. I also needed to buy a pair of pool sandals which I aldosterone left.

The hotel I went to requires you to leave a note with the items, to ensure they have received them as a gift and not just removed them from the room. So if leaving stuff, maybe worth leaving a note with your name and room number on it.
I bring mine back because I know how skint I will be when we get back . Oh and I'm a right tight mare . :D
I leave shampoo, conditioner and shower gel but bring home sun cream, moisturiser etc
leave all toiletries behind , sun lotions/creams after sun pass on to others that are there after us .
I tend to try and buy smallish versions for holidays anyway in the hope they get used up, but if not and there was a significant amount left I would probably bring it home. I dont think others would want my left overs anyway, I wouldn't be happy using other peoples either.
I leave all toiletries behind, both mine and hubby's.
I used to leave them, but don't take them now, I just take a bar of soap (Apello or Dalan olive oil ) You can get washed, wash your hair and shave with it, and no I don't leave it.

Sanji x
Leave Some behind and bring some back depends entirely on how much is left in them.

But my hair serum and styling products I always bring home.
As someone who runs a property management/cleaning company responsible for over 80 villas and apartments please either take your toiletries home with you or throw them away. It just adds to our workload clearing up after you and everything goes in the bin anyway!
;) Well they don't at the apartment we stayed in Greece this summer. We used the owners apartment to shower in on last day and it was FULL of toiletries that were left.
If you should be in Goa on holidays,the girls that sell on the beach
love to have all the toiletries you don,t want to carry home :tup
I leave the toiletries for the maids but give my sun cream to the reps. :tup
In Europe do you really think "The Maid" really release on your soapy handouts??? Ok If you leave a few bits in the Caribbean but Spain Greece etc? I doubt it, lets be honest these people arnt savages are they...... ;)

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