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Hi everyone ,myself and my family and there girlfriends and boyfriends booked a villa in ovakic turkey for the 16 august for a week ,we organised our flights through travel republic which were the booked through goldtrail travel costing us £2235.00,as have they have gone bust and been trying to contact travel republic since saturday and sunday without any luck,can anybody advise us what to do ,is it best for us to rebook alternative flights or wait till next week till things calm down. I can only really feel sorry for all these people who have lost there jobs and holidays at least I think we have a chance of getting our money back and rebooking our flights through a recognised flight company.
I'd try calling travel republic during normal business hrs.
They may have e-mailed you. Although as you have just under a month to go you may be down the list abit.
However you contract for flights is with travel republic which means claiming back from them and then waiting while they claim the money back from the CAA, so for rebooking, wait until you have talked to Travel Republic. There are more details here
Hi wrighty57 .. if any further info or advice is required, please refer to our Goldtrail topic which we will try to keep updated with developments:

We also have a Travel Republic topic which is monitored by the company:

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