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Thinking of booking with Xcape with Us to go to Benidorm for a short break in June. Has anybody got any experience of booking with them as they do not seem as well know as Alpha-rooms or winter sunshine holidays. :?
Hi, We go to Benidorm regularly and diy. Have tried to find Xscape with us.Have you got the web address for them would like to have a look? :)
Hi vegasone, Had a quick look at the site had a bit of a problem going back after checking an apartment . Could do with a more refined search but will give it a go when I have more time. :tup
I've heard of these bouncing around for a while now.

I too would be interested in hearing from anyone who's been with them.



was wondering if any one has ever booked with as i was thinkin of bookin with them

any help would be useful

I have asked this question before as i am looking to get a holiday for my son and they have some good deals for him, i had replies that they were good

Anybody any experiences with using this site. Am receiving quite a competitive quote for 2 weeks accomodation in Torremolinos but am a bit wary about using a site that I haven't used before. Any feedback gratefully accepted.


I went with this company to benidorm last july. Everything was fine no complaints what so ever. Stayed at millords suites in the old town on arival we had to pay 50 euros deposit xcape with us hadnt told us about this charge we did get the 50 euros back on leaving. A glass was broken during our stay we just replaced this. Also we didnt have a balcony but on checking the internet it wasnt stated that every apartment had one so not a lot could be done about this it was more a oversight on our part was first time diy doing it again this year but going with a spanish estate agency
Used over xmas for a trip to portaventura at salou. Everything was fine special requests were passed to the hotel as well. Have booked 2 more lots of hotels with them for Majorca later this year. Looking at their website they have a UK office as well as a spanish office in Majorca.


Hi we're doing our first DIY to Benidorm, staying at the Ambassador Playa, we booked it through excape with us. My freind booked with them last year twice to Salou and didn't have any probs or complaints.

So far i'v found their customer services to be really helpful, you actually phone the number and a person answers :omg

Ofcourse I'll keep you all posted on how we get on in October

I have booked my holiday with this company and will be going 20 July 2006. I have found them to be very helpful so far. Because this is my first diy holiday, i emailed the hotel i'm staying at just to put my mind at ease, have had no problems whatsoever.

I'm about to book a 2 start hotel in Ibiza for a week in July on and was just wondering if anyone had ever booked with these guys before, they claim to be the cheapest online hotel reservation site in europe i think, and if you find somehwere cheaper i think you get some sort of comp, just wanted to make 100% sure it's all legit and they sort it al out for you ok



They are mentioned several times throughout the forums. If you put xcape into the Search facility at the top of the page you will find all the results.

luci :wave
I have used them once and i got exactly what i asked for at a good price ,i also recommended them to a work mate, who also was very pleased with the service provided.
I have used them three times now,and have been really pleased with the service and prices.However,I have been unable to access their website for a few weeks now,and wonder if there is a new link for them.
hi, we booked through them a couple of weeks ago for a hotel in santa ponsa half board, for a week from the 30th may. i couldn't believe how cheap they were.!! I checked again yesterday as friends say they would like to go as well, and the prices have come down even more!! the only thing i found with them, is that it took a couple of days for the payment to be approved, whereas other sites its done at the time of booking, but all was ok, printed out the hotel voucher and now looking forward to going!! - dotty
Thanks David for link,but that is the one that I have been using.For some reason,my browser is not allowing me to connect.I have checked with a friend,and they are having no problems,so it must be to do with my settings. At the minute,I can't think which one needs to be changed,and incidentally,I am having the problem with IE and Firefox,on both my PC and laptop.Presumably it has something to do with my ISP (Talktalk),so I will have a word with them. :tup

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