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Address: Danau Tamblingan 47 | PO Box 3055, Sanur, Bali 80228, Indonesia
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fiona had a holiday at Griya Santrian Hotel in June 2008
We decided to give the Griya a go as we had been twice to the Puri Santrian and decided that it would good to stay in a more central part of Sanur. Once I had booked I began to think it might have been a bad idea as we love the Puri. However, I have to say that I actually prefer the Griya:)
The grounds of the Griya are gorgeous. Beautiful planting and statues. We went for a suite which came out at just over

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Geri stayed at Griya Santrian Hotel, Sanur, Bali in March 2008
We wouldn\'t normally travel to Bali at the tail end of the wet season as it\'s humid and very sticky, however, as it was a special occasion ... March/April it was.

Our booking was made 11 months prior to travel after a lot of research. We booked a ground floor as I have dicky hips, with king bed in deluxe category.

On arrival I was bitterly disappointed with the attitude of the reception staff and their handling of our booking. I refused the first room which was on the first floor. I then viewed a ground floor, twin bed room which faced a wall and in a busy position, again I refused it. It was obvious we was getting the run around so I asked for our accommodation voucher back (without it they don\'t get paid) and said we ...
are not staying here and we will go elsewhere. They eventually found us another room in the newly refurbished section, albeit it had twin beds but it was ground floor in a slightly better position. I reluctantly accepted it and spent one miserable night in it as the bed was sooo narrow. Next day our neighbours were leaving and I noticed they had a king bed so I went to reception and asked to move there which we did. These rooms faced the art gallery and when it rained they lowered the bamboo shutters and it reminded of being in a luxurious \'Tenko\' :-)

Breakfast was lovely and taken in the only restaurant which faces the beach and a magical spot. I did notice that they didn\'t have bacon and thought it odd... that\'s until almost our last day when I spotted it on another guests plate. Apparently, you have to ask for it from the egg cook... Shh !! it\'s kept under the table where the eggs are cooked. We ate lunch there a few times and found it reasonably priced and very enjoyable. Although we didn\'t go, their seafood nights are very popular and guests raved about it... Ah! I wished I\'d have gone now.

There are two pools, one smaller and the other towards the beach end and by the restaurant, the larger one has a pool bar. The guests ranged from couples of all ages and families and a good mix of all Nationalities. A fair amount of sun beds and brollies around the pools and lots on the beach at no charge.

There are lots of restaurants just outside the front of the Griya and my favorite meal was at the one directly opposite. We also ventured down to the Cat and Fiddle for the Tuesday night Irish music... you\'ve gotta love the Balinese \'Irish\' band and the bloke on the spoons. If you turn left as you leave the Griya beachside there are heaps of restaurants within easy walking distance.

Cheers Geri

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