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Address: Castries-Gros Islet Highway, Gros Islet, Saint Lucia
St Lucian by Rex Resort
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Ranked #2 of 3 hotels in Gros Islet

St Lucian by Rex Resort St Lucian by Rex Resort is rated 4 out of 5 from 1 Review
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Cleanliness 4 stars
Entertainment 3 stars
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Service 2 stars
Location 5 stars

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Jeannette Daniels visited the St Lucian by Rex Resort Hotel in March 2006
Shabby rooms badly in need of refurb particularly bathrooms. Kept clean enough but sometimes didn\'t seem so given the shabbiness. Stark white towels but slightly grey limp sheets (although changed every day). Huge room.

Our rooms located to rear of hotel, fairly quiet, front located rooms are supposed to be noisier but I wouldn\'t know for sure.

Son \'upgraded\' standard to superior room - definitely NOT worth the extra money. Nothing superior about it other than it was on first floor instead of the ground! He had VERY noisy old fashioned air con unit, manually operated whereas our standard room had remote control, modern unit, very quiet. No TV remote in his room but we had one.

Our phone didn\'t work - VERY inconvenient as we needed to be in close contact with wedding party in another part ...
of the island. No-one bothered to fix it for us.

Some staff friendly and polite, others very offhand bordering on rude.

Pool area cleaned daily but once again a trifle on the shabby side ( & small). Limited shade for sun loungers, mostly located under the mango tree - mango dodging all day long, those beggars drop off!! On the beach the loungers are piled up near the steps, free but I think you rent a sun brolley. Towels available by the pool (& for the beach), you pay a deposit, swap dirty for clean each day and get your money back at the end of your stay (unless you\'ve lost your towels!)

Location - EXCELLENT, right on a beach (public, but I think they all are, didn\'t see many locals there anyway). LOADS of eating/drinking places right outside the hotel (and bearing mostly to the right). Our preference is NOT AI so this was great. Little shopping mall thing with a supermarket, chemist etc.

Rather a lot of birds in the AI restaurant (open air front), birdy poo all over the place, washed daily by the staff. Can\'t comment on the food - didn\'t eat there. Ate one night in their Oriental Restaurant, excellent and good value I thought.

Entertainment each night, ranging from relatively dire to pretty good. Steel band was great. Got a bit \'Butlins\' one evening with audience participation etc but only the 1 night in a whole week.

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Tour Operator: Hayes & Jarvis
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