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Address: Corso Marion Crawford, 40, 80065 Sant'Agnello Napoli, Italy
Majestic Palace Hotel
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Majestic Palace Hotel Majestic Palace Hotel is rated 3.5 out of 5 from 2 Reviews
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Cleanliness 5 stars
Entertainment 2 stars
Food 4 stars
Service 4 stars
Location 3 stars

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J. Hamilton visited the Majestic Palace Hotel in September 2005
We basically used the hotel as a place to stay at night; day time was used to sightsee. We spent 4 nights there.

Breakfasts were very good, we both enjoyed them.

Our room\'s balcony was in the back of the hotel. The view would not have pleased some. It faced the natural beauty of the area. The one negative was the express train that went by every half hour. It stopped running about 10PM & started again about 5:30AM. The other thing that would make some unhappy was great for my wife. Every morning just before day break, two roosters awakened us with their crowing. My wife used to wake-up to roosters when she was a child.

We did very little interacting with the staff & did not partake of any of the entertainment.

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Recommended: Yes
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Sue James visited the Majestic Palace Hotel, Sorrento in August 2004
This is a very formal hotel, furnished with antiques.

It is very clean and the food is of a very good quality with a choice each night, though the breakfasts were self serve and the same every day.

The staff were all very polite and helpful, but the entertainment was virtually not existent and after a busy day sightseeing it would have been nice to have been able to stay in the hotel for some entertainment instead of having to go into the main part of Sorrento.

If you are going to stay at this hotel make sure that you get a room firstly above ground floor and with a balcony as there a some rooms without either, but those with have lovely views.

The location could be better as it was about a 25 minute walk into the centre (Piazzo Tasso) and ...
the traffic everywhere, even the back streets is awful, so are the traffic fumes.

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