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Address: Merkez Mah. Yunus Nadi Cad. No:108 Armutalan 48700 Marmarisa, Turkey
London Blue Hotel
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London Blue Hotel London Blue Hotel is rated 1 out of 5 from 1 Review
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Cleanliness 1 stars
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Food 1 stars
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Location 3 stars

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"“Why is this hotel no1 b&b in marmaris-NO-WAY.”"
Gavin visited the London Blue Hotel in June 2012
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I’ll start by saying we had no problems with the staff of the happy brothers restaurant the lads are great .The hotel is abysmal, the bed is like a concrete slab and has bricks for pillows, the room was only cleaned once during our stay and it was a cats lick if that, BUT what we forgot to mention is that in Turkey because of the small waste pipes you are required to put your toilet paper in the bin....now imagine how full that would be after three days of no room cleaning, luckily we tend to wait to see what sort of service is provided and used the toilet for the paper. The pool or lack of is actually the dining area for breakfast and the happy brothers restaurant, what they do is fix a steel structure in ...
and across the pool then lay these large green covers over the structure and hey presto a bouncy dining area. Violet is indeed full of information about Marmaris but is also the restaurant manager and her sole aim is to get bums on seats. Why this hotel is rated number one B & B in Marmaris on another review site is beyond me all I can think of is a lot of people need to go to Specsavers.

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