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Address: Turgut Ozal Cad. Merkez Mah. No:8/5, Marmaris, Turkey
Mustis Aparthotel
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Mustis Aparthotel Mustis Aparthotel is rated 3 out of 5 from 2 Reviews
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Cleanliness 3 stars
Entertainment 3 stars
Food 0 stars
Service 3 stars
Location 3 stars

Mustis Aparthotel Reviews

"Nothing good to say about it!"
mister smoothe stayed at Mustis Aparthotel, Marmaris in April 2011
As soon as we arrived they wanted us to go half board, when we said no it was obvious they were not going to look after us, hence our bedding and towels were changed once in ten days.

The location is like a bomb site, twenty minute walk to the beach even though they tell you its only five minutes.

There is no facilities for children at all. Staff spent one day watching turkish programs on the tv and on a night played just turkish music.

It would appear from talking to other holiday makers that all the accommodations in this area are all bad. Not one person had anything good to say.

Recommended: No
Review Rating

1 stars
1 stars
1 stars


Irene Chalenor had a holiday at Mustis Aparthotel, Marmaris, Turkey in June 2009
Mustis apartments are family run the manager will do anything to make your stay the best they possibly can, they run a family restaurant and will transport you down and bring you back anytime you want to go they also will cook meals for you each time at the apartments the breakfasts are a must! the rooms are clean the pool,and sunloungers are very well positoned we visited with our 3 year old grandson and they welcomed him with open arms and made it very special for him and easier for us, i would recommend these apartments to anyone and i am a seasoned traveller but wuld definately be going back and i only arrived back home today.

Tour Operator: Goldtrail

Recommended: Yes
Review Rating

5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
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