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MS Nordnorge

2 of 2 Hurtigruten ships

A small sized vessel of standard rating. Built in 1997. Carries a maximum of 691 passengers in 217 cabins, 196 of which have ocean views. 3 cabins are accessible to disabled passengers.

Cabins typically consist of one sofa bed and one bunk and have limited facilities.
Bathrooms have shower and WC.

There is a library, fitness suite, sauna and steam room onboard.

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Valerie Davis
11 years 10 months ago
I booked this holiday through a New York based site acting for NCL which was very much cheaper than booking in UK owing to the exchange rate at the time.
The ship was excellent for its purpose ie. cruising to Antartica. However, the majority of cabins on the ship were miniscule for two people for a 10 days cruise - OK if you are only in it 2-3 nights up the Norwegian Fjiords. We found it necessary for one of us to go out of the cabin whilst the other changed for dinner. - There was no drawer space and only one high shelf in a very narrow wardrobe - not ideal when you have bulky thermal winter wear for this type of cruise - otherwise the ship could not be faulted.

Travel operator: Norwegian Cruise Line

13 years 3 months ago
Very clean and functional cabin which was cleaned daily by a couple of the waitresses. Very pleasant staff in the main except for some very rude and arrogant people with concept of consumer relations who unfortunately were in front line positions. As there were a lot of very rude Italians on board whose idea of queueing consisted of trying to see how many people ,particularly elderly they could knock out of the way in one go this may have decided their mind that all passengers should be regarded as cattle.

Food in restaurant very good bordering excellent except for the desolation caused to the buffets by said Italians.

No entertainment on board (apart from getting own back on Italians!)

As the only English on board it was a very pleasant experience. Try to get a starboard cabin midships if you want a good nights sleep avoiding proximity of loading doors and bow and stern thrusters at night stops

Travel operator: NCV


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