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That's my wife's Sarong you are wearing Nick! :rofl Suits you, sir.
Joy wrote:
Cant see any pics :(

Have you got imageshack images blocked perhaps ?
Well while we were there we watched the eclipse of Nov 3rd. It was only 80% , people in Gabon saw a total eclipse. If you had been in Boa Vista and had the right equipment as I had, then this is what you would have seen.
Really enjoyed looking at the pix. Wife and I are off to the Toureg in a few days :)
Thanks for your comments Graham enjoy your trip. Cant remember the pictures being oversized when I posted originally though :think

You may also like my video slide shows these were shot when at the Karamboa a few years ago:
Is it a Riu Hotel, the staff look as though they are wearing the tell tale signs of the Riu Uniform.

Looks lovely there
Lovely pictures, but they have sent my tablet into a hissy fit because they are massive....and they fall off the page on my main computer because they have rejigged the central position of the board.
The dimensions are over 4,000 pixels per photo. :yikes

Sanji x
Just popped into this forum one year in the future ;) and those pics are awesome. Haha! But seriously i hope it was a rally good time and by the looks of it... It was!
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