Larger passengers and parents with infants have been banned from flying business class on Thai Airways' new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.

The new 'Zodiac Cirrus' seats in Thai's Royal Silk class have been fitted with new airbag systems and safety belts that cannot extend round waists more than 56-inches thick and can't accommodate parents with children on their laps, said the airline.

Normally larger passengers and parents are issued with a safety belt extender, but Thai says the new airbags must be centred over the traveller's waist to be safe and effective.

Thai Airways took delivery of the two 787-900s in September to operate flights from Bangkok to Auckland and Taipei.

The airline also plans to use the larger Dreamliner on longer flights to destinations including the US. Currently it operates the smaller 787-800 and Airbus A350s on flights to Europe.

Courtesy of Travelmole