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In my experience the problem is a lot worse in Turkey/Egypt than in other destinations. Certainly haven't had to pay for extras in any of the Caribbean AIs we have stayed in. Food has been more than adequate and a la cartes are generally included,also top brand drinks ...but the buffet food was almost inedible in an Egyptian AI ...and the "a la carte",which cost extra,wasn't any better!!! so we ended up eating out 50% of the evenings. Also an AI in Turkey "dining"was more like a very poor school canteen. :tongue
In my experience Water Sports are not usually included in AI packages anyway, and again when you book the brochure 'normally' tells you what the AI deal is i.e. non water sports and so on. As for cocktails I agree that's various in the Caribbean I have found them to be included and when I recently had an AI in Spain found that their Cocktail of the day was included in AI but not all - I think by and large AI is still a good deal.
I think AI'sa re the same as everything else. You really need to read the small print.

Some will be more All Inclusive than others and some less so. I doesn't necessarily mean the later are a bad deal though. It's all relative to what you really want from a holiday, Whats available locally, exchange rates, how good a deal you manage to secure in the first place etc etc

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