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I always go to Solitaire Jewellery in Paphos. (opposite Annabelle Hotel)
They made my eternity ring and its very unique. They are also really friendly and can't do enough for you. I wanted some earrings last year and they made them especially to what i wanted and put in 3 diamonds for 7cyp each (hooped earrings). Having another diamond added this year.
Thanks for that Sally. IT is good to hear of someone who has bought at the jewellers.

Will definetly pay them a visit.

E K jewellers head towards almyra hotel on opposite side facing out to sea is a small family jewellers Eleni and Vangellis have bought lots of jewellery from them for myself and my family and even friends will also design for you are totally honest hardworking nice people I have even ordered via a phone call and been happy with everything I have bought go I. Have a looki have bought from amethysts sets ring 10 ct necklace 8 ct , earrings 2ct, same in Aquamarine. Diamond ring and earings plus plane 18ct gold . I will buy again from her as I won't shop anywhere else and her diamonds are not the cheap quality end of the diamonds they are first class no occlusion S but she tells you what quality it is where others don't and they are certificated !
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