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anyone know
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No they can't. All children including babies must now hold their own passport. Unless they are already on your passport. The information below comes from the British passport website

Edit please use this link for copyright reasons Briar

Hope this helps :D
I'm pretty sure that if they are already on your passport , and they won't turn 16 before you leave Turkey it won't be a problem
if your children are already onyour passport and it has 6 months validity left on it when you return you are fine to use.

don't worry - my daughter travelled fine on mine for the last 8 years (just had to renew now)
Alizda has your daughter travelled into Turkey on your passport as I was told it may be differant there.
:D :) :P :P :) :D
They always make a bigger deal at passport control when there is children on the passport but just make sure to tell them that your children are on it and get the visas for them also
I just love these threads that give you absolutely know idea what they're about until you open them.

this has been a worry of mine as I don't want my kids to have their own passports yet (12&9) for personal reasons. travel gent assures me that as long as they are under 16 there are no probs
I think either parent can apply for a passport for their children, if both parents are British. Can someone confirm this, as the website is not too clear? Or more likely :D it is me not being able to understand it properly!!!!
as i have mentioned before on HT's its not fair to use examples when it comes to passport legalities, telephone the passport agency, they will answer and you do speak to a real person who will answer all your questions

better safe than sorry
JAC123 she most definitely did - and the funniest part about it was they put the visa in my husbands passports so quite honestly i don't think they really look at it that closely now do they!!
My friend works in the passport office and has informed me that all minors under 16 now have to have their own passport. If they re on their parents passport they have to apply for their own.
The link to the Passport Agency in Crazy Angels post above is very clear on this - if your children have been travelling on a parents passport since before 1998, they are still allowed to travel on that parents passport until they reach age 16, or if the parents passport has to be amended or renewed, if that is earlier than the childs 16th birthday.
The only exception to this is if the child is travelling to the USA - then they must now have their own passport.

It is best off to get any minors there own passport if they havnt already got one as different countries like to change their immigration rules as and when they like. Better be safe than sorry 8)
hi, have just spoken to passport office, they cannot advise on other countries foreign policy !!! but said it would be advantageous for my children (10 and 7) to have there own passport,(they are currently on mine) but he also advised that i call the turkish embassy (tel: 0207 393 0202) and they told me it was absolutely fine that my children are on my passport as under 16 !

So now what do I do !!!!! :roll:
I'm also travelling to Turkey with my 2 children who are also on my passport - I hadn't even given this one a thought to be honest with you.

I'm certainly worried now!


Love to know if anyone has travelled to Turkey recently and encountered any problems with their children being on their passport.
hi, had a reply to this question on the turkey forum (pegasos palace) they had there child on parents passport and only paid £10 for visa should be ok !
Hi we went last year to Turkey, Girl on my passport son had one of his own as he had been to Frnace with the school. No problem, although we did pay £10.00 for her as well. They can stop on your passport untill they are 15 when they reach 16 they need a passport of their own. We have always paid £10.00 per child each time we have visited Turkey 3 times in all, going again in July still with daughter on my passport.
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