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Best Sunscreen.
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I use Malibu Dry oil 15 and SF50 for my face, I hate a red face:(
I like ASDA own brand, good UVA A & B protection, still like to put a hat on too.
I use Malibu dry oil, factors 15 and 30, but my wife can't use it. She comes out in blotches, obviously allergic to something in it.
P20 farctor 30 once a day spray. I am fair skinned and just go various shades of red I have tried numerous products and concoctions over the years and this is the one that works for me.
For the last few years I've been using Ultrasun , I find it very easy to apply being gel based , find it covers easily and does protect well , it's not particularly cheap but it is usually on offers at various retailers .
Soltan Sensitive from Boots - never less than SPF25 but if I have to be out in the midday sun and when in Cuba SPF50. It's the only thing that stops my skin erupting in response to UV exposure.
I can suffer with prickly heat so can't wear those All Day screens. I take an antihistamine for 2 weeks before I fly & whilst away.

I also am prone to "Golfers leg" which I get it I walk too much in the heat. My friend diagnosed me after I sent her a photo from my hols of my ankles.
Unfortunately, Glynis, I can no longer take anti-histamine because I have to take betahistamine tablets (synthetic histamine ) for Meniere's disease - if I take both they just cancel each other out and the net effect is zero for both conditions!
It's awful Sma having a condition that reacts to the sun. I only developed mine when in Menorca a few years ago. I'm blonde, with fair skin & light freckles so can burn, although I do also tan, with care.

I did use to try & rush my tan & have worn silly factors in the past. It was only when I developed this rash that I started to be sensibleโ€‹, because I had too!

We've cut down on the hoofing for miles in the sun. We still go for walks but stop alot more for rests. Also we now hire a car so can drive around with the Aircon on ๐Ÿ˜
I stick to Tesco's own brand. My girls have eczema and don't have a problem with it, unlike other brands. The maximum factor we use is 30 as factor 50 brings them out in a rash (it is too thick).
I've lived with it now for going on for 30 years, Glynis, it started when my oestrogen levels were all to blazes in my early 30s. The rash I came out in looked like prickly heat but the doctors said that it wasn't and was due to my skin becoming much more sensitive to UV - despite having a very olive-toned skin that has and still tans easily. Now that I'm through and out the other side of the menopause there is a good chance that it will no longer be a problem but it's so miserable when it happens that I'm not prepared to take the chance so stick with the tried and tested Soltan sun sensitive formula.
My rash in Menorca SMa was awful big red blobs all over apart from my face & forearms. Haven't a clue what caused it but touch wood haven't had it since.

As you say, just stick with what suits you to be on the safe side ๐Ÿ‘
I don't necessarily have a favorite brand, and generally, just look for the cheapest cream I recognize.

In South Africa and Zimbabwe, sunscreen is expensive. However relative to Australia or Indonesia, it is basically for free. I ended up spending a crazy amount of money for a product I could get for less than half the price back home.

Ultimately, I now stock up on sunscreen before I set off
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