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There's lots of boat trips available - a catamaran too! :D

There's loads of little agencies where you can find out about the trips and book them.
Many hotel/apartment receptions have that facility too, so you maybe able to book from where you are staying.

We went on a boat trip years ago - all day, all drink and food included.
We sailed all round the coast, and dropped anchor in a little cove where the crew did a BBQ whilst people swam and/or
played beach games that the crew also provided.

The drinks were fine ;) the food not so fine for some (sardines and/or chicken - delicious - with salad)

We had a fabulous day, but for the life of me I couldn't tell you how much it was.
It wasn't cheap, I remember that, but it really was a great day.

If you do go on a boat trip, don't forget your suncream, hat and cool clothes should you need to cover up because you
are in the sun ever such a long time.

Hopefully someone will come along who has been on a trip recently and can give you an idea of the prices.

Enjoy your holiday! :cheers
Hi La-la,

Welcome to the Portugal forum! :wave

Have a look at these websites. They may give you a bit more information. Some go from Albufeira Marina but you can also get them from Vilamoura.
thank you, both. that was excellent information and just what I need to get me really excited about this trip. :cheers
In turkey we do about 5 boat trips in our fortnight and its the bit we look forward to most.
If anybody could post with an idea of prices, I would be grateful, I know dreamwave do, is that about average?

many thanks
la x
Just returned yesterday from Albufeira.

I did the BlackRunner 2.5 hour trip which is a large rib type open boat that goes pretty fast and it was great fun. It cost 30E each I think. They take you along the coast to see some caves, and even go inside one or two then head out along way to sea looking for dolphins. We didnt see any though.


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