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Do you have a holiday complaint? For help and advice post in here.
Hi Sam, what reason are LateRooms giving for not assisting you?
Hi Glynis

They said the contract is between me and the hotel and that they can only act as a mediator. They did
call the hotel who told them they had sent the email out to notify us (but didnt mention is was to an invalid
email address) and that they are not prepared to compensate. Late rooms passed this message on to me
but said there is nothing more they can do. I have contacted the hotel direct again, but have got nowhere.....
its so frustrating that they get away with this, if I were to cancel on them, I would be charged!!!
How can they justify keeping your money when they said you couldn't have the room? Or have they refunded your room rate but are refusing to cover the cost of the alternative hotel?

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