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does anyone know the prices of cigarettes and spirits in faro airport? thanks
Hello, I find that since the tax changes thanks to the E U you may as well buy all your spirits at your local super market as they are cheaper than at the airports, or if you are going to buy them on holiday get them in resort, again cheaper than at the airport.

Hi I believe the prices have changed lately can anybody give me a update on tobacco prices please i.e Goldedn Virginia. :que
VAT went up here in January. I bought 10 x 50g of Golden Virginia in town 2 weeks ago for €49,50. 200 UK brand cigs will be about 38 Euros ie half the UK price. Prices are the same everywhere.
The amounts set for UK personal use changed last Oct, and I have heard you will be limited to these amounts at duty free Faro airport.
yes pipefitter
the new allowances are here and official tobbac prices are here

The allowances for passengers are put down as guidelines but you can take more but you may have to justify that it is for personal use. The allowances can be found at ___________________ website.

sorry link deleted this is not an official govenment site refer to my link to HM Revenue & Customs ...Wizard
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