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We may be going Feb or March. We were set to go just after Christmas a couple of years ago but OH got stuck offshore for 8 days because of the weather and so we lost our holiday.
Hi Helen

We have been a few times and the best thing we have ever done is go to the fishermans bastion. It is a must do for Budapest. Absolute amazing views over the Danub

It really is a gem of a place to go.

how long are you going for ?

We're going for 4 days at the end of May. Fiona I'll be interested in what you think, if you go. We're staying here - http://hotel-erzsebet-budapest.h-rez.com/
We're actually going at the beginning of next month now and really looking forward to the trip. We have 4 full days there. Just going to have a look at the Fisherman's Bastion now.
We ended up going to New York instead :D
I was looking at a long weekend next month but that's on hold for now. I had picked out our hotel and everything!
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I'll let you know how we get on Fiona
Would love to know! We were going to be staying in Castle Garden hotel. I was wondering if that's the best area or better over at the other side.
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