Hi everybody!

I wanna share my experience at Camping Cáceres in Spain! I was in Salamanca and before reaching Portugal i decided to make a stop on a camping for one night. I found on internet this camping and it was perfect! Each pitch has his own bathroom with shower and toilet. Never seen had this before at any other camping. All the people who work here are lovely and helpful. The reception gave me advice to visit Malpartida. Malpartida is only 12 km of the csmping. Here i visit Los Barrecuos with "the storks village" , i saw, heard so many storks during i was walking through old volcán stones! It´s so beautiful and peaceful! After i visited the museum Vostell with the work of the artist Wolgang Vostell of the Fluxus movement. In the evening i ate at the restaurant of the camping which offer you an menú and which was very tasty! A nice experience that i advice to you if you are in the corner of this city!