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Los Cristianos is quite flat, if you want selfcatering then I would reccomend the Comodoro it is right on the sea front and no hills, it is near to everything, and it has lifts to all floors
Margaret (madmum) :cheers
Hi Ann, Can you give me more details about what you need ,because I use a wheelchir /mobility scooter and can only walk or stand for a limited time and I need a walk in shower and not all apartments/hotels have them .Los Critianos is flat near the front but further back where the shops are is very hilly.I stay in Las Americas which is flat near the front but also flat where shopping centres are too.I use this website to choose hotels and then I book myself but if you want you can book with them.
thanks for your help, we don't need it to be wheelchair friendly, but don't want to have hills to walk up. xx

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