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As you are young and fit 5 hotels in 13 days may work for you. For me it sounds a little like hard work. Did you read my report on our trip. That was 4 hotels in 15 days which was one hotel too many for us.
Canada is a wonderful place and I am sure you will go back but do not try to do to much in one trip.
As a new member I could not post a link to my report but it is message 91253
Toronto to Montral is at least a 4 hour drive and could be longer as there were lots of road works in Montreal last year.
Petrol was around 1C$ per litre.
Eating out is not a lot cheaper than here once you,ve added the taxes and tips. Drinking out is very expensive. Three pints and a glass of wine was £18.00 in a rib shack.
Your budget is only about £50.00 a day, I don't think it is enough if you want to do the excursions you've mentioned and eat in the better places.
Make sure you keep the receipts to claims back the taxes.
Hi Clare,
I assume you got my PM. In Niagra we stayed in the Renaissance Falls View. This hotel is in a good location close to the new casino complex and away from the tacky part of Niagra. The falls' view 'is only from the restaurant on the top floor I think.
thanks for the info
it is alot to do all in one go i do appreciate that. maybe we could look at just doing one side and not flying over, that would obviously save £ but i'd like to go and see my relative too.
the costs are really escalating the more i look into it - it will be a good £4300 including spending money - will defo take on board people's views and work about with the schedule somewhat.
cheers, claire
Have you considered going by train across the Rockies to Vancouver?
We did the journey from Banff to Vancouver on the Rocky Mountaineer and it has to be one of the most spectacular train rides in the world. If you can fit it in forget the plane!! Friends did this trip starting from Jasper and saw quite a few bears, we only saw 2. The train only travels at 25 to 30mph and there are always empty seats on both sides of the carriages so you always have great views. The food on board just keeps coming, this is a very civilised journey.
Toronto to Montreal in 5 days. Piece of Cake
spent couple of weeks there last year. Driving Toronto to Montreal took about 4 hours down the back roads. Not very scenic though. So yes... you have plenty of time
I carried further on to Tadoussac (whale watching) dropped down to Boston USA and came back via Niagara
I agree with previous post too on Niagara. Stayed in Marriot Fallsview. Big 2 room suite with jacuzzi, fireplace etc was only about £100 per night. Right overlooking falls

Cost of living, Meals etc Fuel is obviously cheap but as for the rest Well...I feel prices are a bit cheaper than UK but not that much that you feel things are a bargain. I think you will struggle on £800-900

Regards transport...traffic is not really a problem. Not compared to the cr** we put up with here. Their idea of busy is a lot different than ours. And you are generally not going to be travelling at rush hour either. So save on cabs and use you car. I got straight into Toronto, Montreal, quebec, Boston etc...No problems at all.
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