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The best bit about the Scotrail 'Club 55' tickets is that it's a flat fare of £15 between anywhere in Scotland (and for these purposes Carlisle is in Scotland!), they can be used on any trains, not just Scotrail's own services, and are fully open tickets that don't commit you to travelling on a specific train. The only restriction is that you can't start your journey before 9.15am. It's saving me quite a bit when going down to Warrington in a couple of weeks time.

it's back for Autumn 2010 !!

this time the offer has already started and runs to the end of Novermber (or mid December for ATW).

Companies involved are once again
Arriva Trains Wales

First Group
at which covers Scotrail, Trans-Pennine Express, Hull Trains, Capital Connect and Great Western.

ATW have a flat rate of £15 return, Scotrail is £18 return, Hull Trains is £25 Hull-London return and the others are a bit variable but London-Plymouth is only £25 return. They all seem to be knocking a couple of quid off if you have a senior railcard and there don't seem to be any quotas or time restrictions.

ATW are offering flat fare add ons for some popular journeys that go a bit off their patch with companies who aren't even running the offer. TPE are offering the ATW ticket as an add on for anyone who wants to join the two networks up (they meet at Manchester).

These prices may not appear if you use ordinary journey planner/ ticket sales sites - you need to go through the links above. Tickets can also be bought at stations and, where permitted, on the trains.
It's that time of year again!

Club 55 is back. Same websites as before for details, same general plan. Prices are naturally up a touch but still some bargains to be had. There are some peak hour restrictions this time so read the rules carefully but still worth looking at. First Group in England are running it until mid Novermber, First Scotrail late November and ATW mid December (and probably again in the New Year).

Now that Chiltern Railways are part of Arriva Group, ATW have got a new add-on via Birmingham to get people from mid and north Wales to London - but beware, ATW use New St. station and Chiltern use Snow Hill and Moor St. so there will be a short walk involved. There is an arrangement to change at Smetwick Galton Bridge and use London Midland trains to Moor St. but that's just as complicated if walking isn't a problem.

ATW and First Scotrail are again flat fares with First Group in England having a zone system as before. Scotrail now offer a Premier class flat fare but that's only available on certain routes so check before you pay (better seats and some freebies). ATW are allowing the normal Premier Class upgrade fee to be paid
on top of the £18
on their weekday only Premier Service Holyhead-Cardiff morning and Cardiff-Holyhead evening - the upgrade includes First Class seats and full breakfast or 3 course dinner as appropriate. This restaurant service is being withdrawn in mid December so it's last chance to try! You can travel on these trains in standard class with the £18 tickets (last chance to try the breakfast rolls!!).
I had an email from ATW a few weeks ago Steve - seems a good deal :tup
So we can get some perks before we become senior citizens :tup I'll still have to wait a good few years yet and helen you don't qualify yet either :D
no - but hubby does, which is why we had the e mail!
:rofl no idea Steve! I presume they just send the e mails to people who have booked their trains online in the past.

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