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sorry I missed this post up till now.
I can find my previous trip reports if that helps. Its been a few years since we have been but we will return as its a beautiful place. I would recommend that you spend at least 2 days in Ubud. That is like a tour on its own. The temple dances are magical. There always seems to be a celebration on the go. As well as that, I would hire a driver for a day at least. We didn't anywhere fast as we kept asking him to stop so we could look at yet another stunning view.
We did go into Kuta but really didn't like the place at all. Ok for an evening out but it wasnt for me. We stay in Sanur. The beach is not one of the best but it IS really interesting as you watch the locals fishing or children flying kites. Sanur has plenty of places to eat- its not the place to go for a lively nightlife. Things will wind down and close by midnight. Same for Ubud. Ubud is high up so there are often clouds and it can rain so you don't go to sunbathe. Avoid the big hotels in Ubud and go for the Bali experience- there are some gorgeous places to stay.
I have 3 trip reports but one was split into 3 sections so too many to link to. Just stick Sanur and my name into the search and you will find a lot of threads :)
Thanks Fiona. Funnily enough I had liked the sound of Sanur when I did some reading up at the weekend. We're not nightclubbers so I being home by midnight is fine with me! You know us, we have to have plenty to do on holiday so I do like the sound of 2 or 3 days in Ubud. After browsing the 'net at the weekend I think I would feel comfortable not planning a tour per sec and just hire a driver when we get there as people seems to rate this quite well.
a good driver can suggest a few itineries. We did actually do one day tour which was great as it took us to places off the beaten track. Can 't remember who ran it. I would just go with a driver in future though.
Hi Puddleduck,

Only returned from Burma / Thailand this weekend and have just seen your enquiry.

Do you intend to book a package or will it be DIY. If a package we usually take advantage of any early booking offers as Bali is busy at that eime of year (we have not tried August as it is UK school holidays and we avoid them like the plague).

If you are looking to take a package go for Sanur, for your first visit, - Nusa Dua is contrived and sterile, Kuta is a bit manic with loads of younger Aussies (it is their Spain), Seminyak is expensive and, to us, not really that appealing. As Fiona says, also take a couple of nights in Ubud for the temples, dances, crafts and above all the wonderful inexpensive spas and relaxation.

I have the name of the owner of a trusted local tour company, who has arranged several things for us plus numerous rooms / trips / meals for Janet (my wife's) company. He is one of the few people that I would not hesitate to recommend - his prices are low, he is honest and thoroughly reliable. If you do your own flights his hotel prices can be a lot cheaper than booking directly with hotels (recommend Hyatt club rooms or Puri Santrian - Hyatt mainly for location). His advice is also good!

Please pm me if you want his details. I have major PC problems at present and am very busy after our hol, but will try to get back to you as soon as I am able.


that's interesting Pete. I hope I will be pming you in the next year or two for the name of the tour company :D
Thanks Pete, at the moment I'm leaning towards 3 nights Singapore, 3 or 4 nights in Ubud and the remaining time in Sanur. I've contacted a couple of places for quotes (Travelbag, Freedom Asia and Trailfinders) so I'll see what they come back with and will then perhaps contact him for a comparison.
I have done DIY loads of times but never in Asia so recommendations are appreicated. I'll PM you later.
I found Travelbag gave me good rates in Singapore and Bali.We used them the first time we went. We wanted an Ubud accomodation that they didn't have. They sorted it out though and added it.
I've stayed at Griya and Puri Santrians and loved them both. I would say that Griya had more lounging areas so you didn't have to get up early to get a sunbed.
For Ubud- I would suggest that you stay somewhere that you don't need transport to get back to. We stayed at Komaneka Monkey Forest Road. It is breathtaking. Monkey Forest Road is right in the middle of Ubud but when you enter its another world- very peaceful.
The first time we stayed at Waka Namya. This was a short distance from Ubud centre but not really walkable( without soaking with sweat by the time you get there). We stayed at a Lanai which is on two floors- bedroom upstairs. It is in your own small walled garden. Amazing place! They had a shuttle which was available whenever you wanted it. They only reason we did not return was that we wanted somewhere we could nip back to easily during the day and could walk back at night.
Thanks Fiona. After reading your trip reports which I managed to get around to on Sunday the Komaneka was top of my list for Ubud. It sounds gorgeous.
we didn't have the pool rooms but we did have the gorgeous room with a private garden. I would not go for the hotel block, although they are probably nice enough but you go to Ubud for a different experience- and its quite unique. There were a couple of other beautiful looking places on Monkey Forest Road as well.
I want to back now :cry
By the way- we have stayed at Sanur 3 times and at peak summer holiday times( I am stuck with those :D ) and its never been that busy. I don't think its that sort of place. Kuta- the one night we had there, it was definitely busy!
Ubud will always be busy during the day as that is where everyone goes on trips. It is crazy with traffic in the early evening with folks arriving for the temple dance, but it empties early on. Mind you, that was before the film Eat, Pray, Love. I did recognise places in that film but it is beyond me how she managed to go of to the beach easily- its a bit of a long journey to be doing that :rofl
You don't really need a package/tour. Since you have plenty of time to read up, you will have no problem just going on day trips to the places that interest you. I would recommend going to Uluwatu temple and Tanah Lot to catch the sunset. They are quite similar but Uluwatu has you on the edge of an open cliff and Tanah Lot has a beautiful sunset (although it gets quite crowded). It's easy to get taxis. Since u are there for some time, make friends with locals. Take a surf lesson on the beach or eat at a regular place... get friendly and chances are someone there will also have a side job as a driver and he can take you around at your convenience. Otherwise, taxis are all around. Just be sure to negotiate or go for the Bluebird taxis for metered fares.

Avoid the super high-end hotels as someone else said. The low-rise Balinese style hotels are much more affordable and give you a really wonderful atmosphere that is much better than staying in a little hotel room. You usually get a pool and lovely breakfast from friendly staff.
Thanks for your reply. I've printed everything off and kept it safe. Sadly after a few unexpected bills Bali has had to be knocked on the head for now. This year we are having to have a cheaper holiday and have settled on Croatia.

Sorry to hear that you've had to postpone Bali. We had to cancel our Thailand trip earlier this year, owing to the illness and death of my wife's father. There is nothing like a good SE Asia trip!

I have just booked a trip to Bali (to buck Janet and I up) for June - a good "package" deal from Hayes and Jarvis.

If there are any specific things that you want me to take a note of, please pm me and I will do my best to get all the answers.

We will be staying in Sanur again, club room at the Hyatt, but will probably take a couple of nights in Ubud, booked locally, weather permitting - we've never tried June before.

Look forward to hearing about Croatia - we have never tried that. Enjoy it!


Thanks Peter I certainly will. To add insult to injury someone drove into my car today!! It never rains.....
Sorry you had to cancel your trip. When I get sorted I'll drop you a line.

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