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hi Linda
if you look at the Brazil thread further down the page you will find some info there. I can help with Rio as I've been a couple of times. Have a look at my report here :)
We went to Costa De Sauipe some years ago, we stayed at the Super Clubs Breezes and enjoyed every moment. We took out tours at the resort we 'Eco Tours', a small local tour company but you got to see the true Brazil and the true local people. If our trip to Costa Rica gets canceled we will opt to go back to the same resort, and the same hotel. When there visit Praia Do Forte, a ten minute bus ride away but a taste of local life, bars included. Hope this helps, have a great time like we did, Regards Mr Stacey
Thanks so much for your reply, its most welcome
I have heard very good reports about where we are going so we are really looking forward too it.
Thanks again :wave:
Hi Linda,
Almost forgot, take some 2p coins with you for the basins as they do not have any plugs, that is the Brazilian way you see, we are sure you ill all have a great time, enjoy
Hi Everyone, can you give us some help and information.we are off to brazil on 28th June with First Choice and are doing the Rio and Falls tour then nine nights at Iberostar Bahia.Would be interested to know what the hotels and flights are like on the tour and any other information and advice regarding the tour.
hi Tony
we don't have any recent threads on this tour but there is one here. I can only speak for the Rio part and it is fabulous. To be honest, I am not sure why the TOs concentrate on the summer for Brazil as really our winter is their summer. We have a thread on your hotel here :)

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