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We went to Teguise in August 2000 and yes it is windy but not a cold wind. You will find that you will need a cardigan in the evening but during the day, its a welcome blessing as it gets very hot indeed. The only downside we found was that the swimming pool never got warm but the sea is lovely.
have stayed in lanzarote(costa teguise and playa blanca) afew times and i can honestly say we go because of the wind because you never feel drained with the heat like other countries. it's only cool sometimes if you have a cloudy day or when the sun goes down( might need a jacket)
but please make sure you wear a high factor sun cream, the wind is very deceiving and will burn you quickly
Thanks for this, was begining to wish i hadnt booked esp as some people have said the swimming pools feel freezing due to the wind. I always use kiddie sun factor 50 as have very pale skin. May not be as bad as i feared then, thank you
Have been to Lanzarote a couple of times and I would say that the wind is more of a breeze that in July is welcome but in November you might be in need of light jumpers and some sort of sweetshirt at night.

Joe :sun
We stayed in Costa Teguise in June this year. The wind made the heat more bearable! Around 4pm-ish the wind would drop and everyone would suddenly have an urge to jump in the pool to cool off, it was sooooo hot without that lovely breeze. The only downside to the wind is anything lightweight will blow away. All the kids inflatables had to be jammed under the sunloungers when we went for lunch, and reading your newspaper was a daily battle!
It didn't put us off - we're back in Costa Teguise next July/August!
We went to Costa Teguise in August 2003 and we hated the breeze/wind.
Thanks for all the comments, mixed views. Guess we will just have to wait and see as my hubby wanted CT rather than PDC as didnt want to be near clubs etc
Have booked a villa now so will pack some jumpers for my daughter as she is always cold,even in Turkey at 42C she said is was warm!!! :lol:
Thanks anyway :)
Even though we hated the breeze/wind, a lot of people in our hotel liked it to cool them down. We just found it too much... we wanted the sun & warmth not the breeze and wind!

I hope you have a brilliant time. :sun
I found the breeze very refreshing, and cooling, especially when walking round the town. It can get strong at times, but it is not a problem whatsoever!
It does tend to make you feel as though you aren't burning though, so make sure you use adequate protection whilst out in the day!
Its rather breezey in Costa Teguise!!We went there this july and to be honest the wind was a joke :cry: It was over 30 mph every day for a whole 2 weeks.Lots of the restaurants by the seafront would not let you eat outside cos the sand was getting everywhere.I wont be going back there again,just didnt rate CT at all,sorry to be so negative,
Atb Fishtank.
Fishtank, I thought I was the only one! I have to agree with you 100% with your post. I am in no hurry to return to Lanzarote.
I stayed in Lloret de Mar on the mainland in August. It was about 90° just in the shade, never mind in the sun, with no breeze and no fresh air whatsoever. I was wet through with sweat for the whole week, day and night. I couldn't get much of a tan, cos I couldn't bear to sit outside in the sweltering heat for too long. I soooooo wished I was back in Lanza with that lovely fresh breeze. Can't wait to be back in Costa Teguise next July/August!
we have been twice to Costa Teguise. I had actually forgotten about the wind until I read your subject. Yes it was windy on the beach so be careful when you shake your towel as everyone around you gets covered! Back at the pool it was not a problem seemed well sheltered just beware the sun is hotter than you think. The place itself is great plenty of good bars and restaurants. We did the jeep safari which was wicked. You'll have a great time there!!
You have made a great choice of holiday destination!
I was lucky enough to live in Costa Teguise for 2 yrs and yes there is a breeze but dont forget you are only 60 miles from the Sahara Desert.
Just remember you cant please all the people all the time, and yes I did hear complaints about the wind but most people thought it was a blessing.

Just go and enjoy!!

We went to Costa Teguise in June/July 2002 and the wind was gale force for 2 weeks! To be honest it ruined our holiday it was too cold to sit outside of an evening. Impossible to sit on the beach most days. Would never go back, not my idea of a holiday when the weather here is bad enough.

We went to Costa Teguise a few years ago in late June. The wind was very strong. Sat by the pool one day reading a newspaper and had to fold the paper so many times because the wind would take the paper and make it impossible to read normally. Then the wind would get stronger and take a lilo which went flying passed.

My husband likes snorkling and we went to the beach and off he went in the water. The sun was quite strong although once again it was windy. After he came out of the water he re-applied his sun tan lotion and all of a sudden the wind got up and there was a sand storm and my husband's legs were covered with sand which has stuck onto him because of the sun tan lotion. You had to laugh because he looked like a sand statue.

One day we walked down to the beach looking in the shops, then we saw a sand storm coming down the street and we had to go in a shop doorway and watched it go by.

We would not go back to Lanzarote, not just because of the wind, we thought it was not a pretty place and there are far more nicer places to go, in our opinion.

I think it's just a love or hate thing.

Lanzarote is beautifully diverse with the cactus and the volcanoes and everything, and in most places with coastal areas you will find a breeze. This one is much more preferable to a cold north sea wind on our coast here. I can understand why some people hate it as there are a few who just want sorching heat and to lie about and look like a lobster or get burnt within days and those people will not like it, but for those who like to just meander about and cool off with a dip at some point in the day, it's nothing but a godsend.
Quite right, Ian.

In the middle of summer, you've got 3 basic choices if you don't want long haul.

One is to go to the Canaries, Lanza in particular, where the heat is tempered by the wind, and it is fresh and pleasant. Sure, there are days when the beach is too windy, but there are sheltered beaches in the south of the island or you've got your pool area.
Another is further north around the Med, where the heat and humidity can make it unpleasant for some and hard to sleep at night. A lot of people don't mind that though.
Or you can holiday further north again where there is no guarantee of the weather.

You pays your money and you takes your choice! :wink:
I got back from Costa Teguise 2 days ago. The breeze is a Godsend. Even in Oct it was hot (81 deg) during the day and would have been too hot for me without the breeze.
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