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It depends what you're looking for...and what age the kids are.

We went to Croatia in 2006, stayed near Rovinj. It is not as commercialised as Spain so you might have trouble finding familiar brands in the shops (maybe it's changed now?), we certainly found consumer goods and snack foods were less available and more pricey than local goods. For picnics we bought unfamiliar types of cheese (tasted fine to us), pate in little tubs with strange pictures on, the picture of a chicken was OK, but a teapot...what sort of pate was that? Crisps were very expensive, but you could get loads of little green pears. Your kids might or might not be happy with those choices.

However the people are friendly and there were plenty of kids around when we were there.

Perhaps the biggest thing to realise is that Croatia doesn't generally have the big sandy beaches like Spain. Where we were, it was a rocky coastline which would make getting in and out of the sea trickier for little kids, and of course the water is deeper and less warm than a shallow Mediterranean. On the plus side, there were plenty of grassy areas and shady trees back from the coastline you could park a buggy under and let young kids toddle round.

If you're not worried about beaches then you might find a hotel complex that has all you need on site.

I believe the south of Croatia has some sandy beaches but I haven't been there so can't comment on them.

Not sure how prices otherwise compare nowadays.

Hope this helps :)
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