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cuba or dom rep?
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Sara and I have been to both... (secrets) Excellence Punta Cana in DR and Sandals in Cuba... Both AOAI resorts...

Enjoyed both holidays, weather comparable, really it's a matter of personal choice and doing your homework on your proposed hotel..

I agree with Merseygull, it really is personal choice. I also enjoyed both holidays, just come back from Dreams La Romana, Dom Rep and went to Varadero a few years ago, would visit both places again maybe trying different resorts. The only real downside to Dom Rep compared to Cuba (I found) is the malaria tablets we took, we did not need them for Cuba. Some people will tell you that isn't an issue for them, either because they didn't take them or they were ok with them. For me I felt I had a few side effects and while I am not sure it would stop me going again, I might see if there was a comparable deal to go to Cuba instead! (a good deal would probably win out, so couldn't be that bad!) Most people will tell you that the food is usually worse in Cuba, and the main thing to do is pay for the highest rated hotel you can afford, that goes for anywhere in the Caribbean (the ratings are def less there) Whilst I am a fussy eater I did not have a problem with the food in Cuba, I always found something to eat. We went different times of the year, Cuba was in April/May and was boiling hot and Dom Rep end of Nov/Dec, fantastic weather. The people are very similar, really friendly and welcoming and apart from the climate are one the main reasons to visit areas like these. Whilst not usually liking cities, I must say Havana is a must see, preferably for a couple of days, we were really surprised by how much we loved it there.

We have done both and love them both the same but I have to say we went to Iberostar Varadero last year and I think it was one of the best holidays we have had. Join in the games with the star friends like dominos and shuffle boads black jack and golf and you will win lots of rum. I did not know how to play these but they make it so easy and you will have lots of fun. We are not youngsters by the way. My husband is 70 this year but we loved it and the star friends loved us too. Havana is unbelievable. We stayed overnight and although it is crumbling I could see beyond the broken down buildings and it is beautiful. They are doing it up bit by bit and we took a pony trap ride and saw the good the bad and the ugly but I loved it. Beautiful country and fabulous people. :sun2 :sun2 :sun2
I have been to both Samana and Guardalavacca but for me Cuba wins every time. Don't get me wrong, It was lovely in Samana but it just seem to lack that something that Cuba has so I would never go back.
Ive done both and can honestly say Cuba Wins . I just adore the country. Been to punta cana twice would go again and puerto plata once and never again. Cuba , Guardalavaca and cayo santa maria.
cuba is better than dr as at least you can walk out of the hotel area without worry...
we stayed in porta platta dom rep and it was a huge complex of hotels/shops/beach but all fenced in as its not safe outside the tourist area.
whereas in guadalava we just jumped on bikes and went off into local villages as its so flat and good quiet roads.
we stayed in porta platta dom rep and it was a huge complex of hotels/shops/beach but all fenced in as its not safe outside the tourist area

:think Puerto Plata is a town on the North Coast which has a hotel zone just outside it called Playa Dorada which is a fenced (of sorts) community, there is a fence and barriers however it is as much to mark boundries of property and protect the stunning golf coarse located there as to stop you escaping in to the wilderness :D

From Playa Dorada it is perfectly safe (using the normal precautions you should use in ALL destinations) to go out and about visiting other parts of the island and the local town of Puerto Plata, indeed you will miss out on a lot if you don't.

In Puerta Plata you can see the colourful local shops, watch cigars being hand made, go up the cable car to the botanical gardens on the top of Mt. Isabel de Torres, visit a rum factory and for good measure the beaches are stunning, further a field there are coffee plantations where you can buy freshly hand ground coffee or beans.
We loved Puerto Plata on our first visit to the Dom Rep and wouldn't hesitate to go back. We stayed at the Riu complex which was much quieter than the Dorada complex. I've been to Punta Cana too and tbh I didn't think either destination was unsafe. The only thing I'd say about the hotels we stayed at both times is that they were a bit isolated, as are a lot of AIs. However, we loved our hols there and took a few trips to various locations.
We have been to Guardalavaca and Punta Cana. Punta Cana was better, couldn't sail solo in Cuba but you can in Dom Rep.

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