Read on and learn why Melbourne is the best city to live in:

Explore the cultural capital city of Melbourne packed withshaded streets, vivid street life and bustling city centre. This metropolis, established in 1835, maintains the perfect balance of a city life with a relaxing environ, taking it to the apex of Global Liveability Index. The best
way to learn more about the laidback city of Melbourne is on a sightseeing day tour.

The four stalwarts of Melbourne

Puffing Billy Train

This narrow-gauge heritage railway islocated in the Dandenong ranges of Melbourne. Witness how the 20th century Puffing Billy Train joyrides through the Southern foothills of Dandenong Ranges
to Gembrook.

Relive the long-lost ambience ofsteam travel by hopping on a luxury coach of Puffing Billy. Travel through splendid landscapes surrounded by towering forests, fern gullies and hamlets on
a memorable ride through a decades-old run-of-the-mill rail track.

Capture perfect landscapes of Sherbrooke forest, Trestle Bridge and Port Phillip Bay and have an intriguing conversation with the loco pilot about the history and working of Puffing


Named after the Yarra River in Victoria, this valley is home to a wide range of natural landmarks and local produce. The cool climate of the upper Yarra Valley also creates the ambient
temperature for the growth of popular wines like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

On a trip to this lush destination,also choose to meet the cutest native animals of the area at Healesville. This astounding animal sanctuary lodges a unique list of animals including tasmanian
devils, laughing kookaburra, helmeted honey eater and more.

Transverse the pretty little town of Healesville and enjoy an array of delicious food and wine. This Yarra Valley destination is also famous for its archaic cellar doors and gin distillery.

Phillip Island

Named after Governor Arthur Phillip,this island is known for its unique native animal and bird life. Spot endangered native species like the short tailed shearwaters and pacific gulls. Also, spot fur seals, Burrunan dolphins and humpback whales and make the most of the opportunity to capture these marvelous species in action.

Fairy penguins are another reason why there is always an ample crowd visiting Phillip Island. Enjoy an underground viewing experience and see these unique native finned friends up-close. Witness
the Penguin Parade for the complete Phillip Island experience.

Delve into the age-old culture of the Bunurong people and explore scenic landscapes and seascapes of the sheltered bay of Victoria.

The Great Ocean Road

Explore beachside villages,breathtaking cliff top views and cherish the seaside ambience of the picturesque Great Ocean Road. Witness the artistic works of seawaves alongside the famous Great Ocean Road. The limestone pillars standing 150 foot high is something you will be able to see only in Australia. Adventure junkies can also try out zip lines suspended above 98ft for roving views unlike
anything else! For the faint-hearted, a rainforest walk that takes you exploring rich native flora & fauna, rugged coastlines, rivers and inactive volcanoes also comes highly recommended.

Taste freshly shucked oysters,gourmet cheese and visit numerous farms and cellar doors. Learn about Aboriginals, see their antique artefacts and savour some indigenous food at the
Narana Aboriginal Culture Centre.

With four amazing but diverse sites listed out, all you have to do is to go on a Melbourne sightseeing tour that takes you to the destination of you choice! Visit, explore and make the most of your
Melbourne times!