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we have booked for 7 nights at the adagio - val de europe hotel, which is 2km from the park with free transport and next to a massive mall with restaurants etc, 4 days passes and incl eurotunnel and overnight stops either side of tunnel for 4 adults and 2 kids i have managed to get it down to £1601.

and as train station at front of park going to paris for two days as well
Can anyone tell me if you can go to the disneyland paris village without a ticket? We are getting into Paris around 6pm and the hotel restraunt will be closed and we were told you could go to the village on the shuttle bus for something to eat but can't find anywhere if you need a pass to get to the village.
No you don't need a ticket. You will only need park tickets when you try to enter the park.
off to disneyland paris 18th june 1st time to paris with 7 year old grandaughter any tips would be good
I took the kids a few years ago, a few things to remember - it can be cold in the winter (yes I know I am stating the obvious) which did effect how much the kids enjoyed it, if I was to go again I would go nearer the summer. Another thing is how expensive it is to eat and drink inside the park....take packed lunches!
just wondering what is the best way to get into paris for the day from dlp we are stopping on site at the santa fe and thought it would be nice for a day trip into paris
Yes we used the train both when we were staying in Paris and went to DLP for the day and also when we were staying at DLP and went into Paris for the day. Very easy to do.
The organisation that cares for my special needs son wants mega bucks to take him and other residents on holiday for a few days. With this is mind we were thinking about my daughter and her BF taking him to Disneyland Paris.
Looking at the deals there are some partnership hotels nearby that have a shuttle bus to the parks. He also wants to visit Paris.
Has anybody stayed at any of these hotels ?

Hotel l'Elysee Val d'Europe
Adagio City Aparthotel
Radisson Blu Hotel
Vienna International Dream Castle Hotel
Vienna International Magic Circus Hotel
Kyriad Hotel
Algonquin's Explorers Hotel

The trip would be 3 days midweek flying from Liverpool

Anybody have any hints or tips or could share their experiences?
Thank you in advance.
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I haven't stayed at any of these ... but I can tell you that there is a large mix of 'star ratings' in your list ... Radisson Blu is high (3-4 stars) and will have more comfort than the Kyriads (1-2 stars) which have all the basics but much smaller rooms and perhaps will offer less in the way of meal services or variety of menu, opening hours or even a bar. I think it'll be a case of TA reviews and looking at each hotel's own website .. for example if your son needs a lift or other access depending on his actual handicap.

The following resources might help:-

General hotel classifications - PAGE 17 could contact them to ask which of these hotels have the LABEL TOURISME ET HANDICAP around Disneyland Paris although in French only gives the definitions as to what the LABEL TOURISME ET HANDICAP means in practical terms (you'll need to enlarge this!!) hotel listings.

You then need to select the following options - box 1 which type of handicap applies to your son (and remove those that don't apply) select Les regions, entering the region ILE DE FRANCE in box 2 then put the word HOTELS in box 3, and press RECHERCHER in box 4. You should get a long list of hotels divided into several pages ... but they don't seem to appear just as 'Ile de France' so you'll have to work through them - get a cuppa before you start - to see if any of the hotels that interest you appear in that list.
Thank you Alsa. Hope you are keeping well.
My adult son has Aspergers but is very mobile so access and getting around is not a problem. We quite like the look of the Explorers and Attractiontix seem to be very competitive. Our stumbling block at the moment is flights from Liverpool. They used to do early morning flights to CDG but we can only find late afternoon flights.My daughter had a look at Easy Jet.(I think that was the airline) but they don't go up to July yet The alternative would be Manchester but that pushes up the price for 4 adults travelling.
We will have to keep investigating.
Regarding transport from CDG to the Explorers I have scrolled back in this topic and read about a company called RStransports (also called BStransports). Are they still operating and does anybody know how much they charge for 5 people for transport to the hotel on arrival and back to the airport at the end?

Edit...just received an email back from them...80 Euros each way for 5 persons
Just to update we are back from the Explorers hotel and Eurodisney.

All worked out OK with RS Transports although our anxiety was over which gate to meet them and the fact that they arrived late. The journey to the hotel was a bit scary owing to the driving of our driver (got us prepared for the rides though !)

Hotel very swish. Rooms good. Marcos pizza big enough for 2 to 3 people depending on how hungry you were. Breakfast a bit crowded but lots there to eat. Didn't use the restaurant as we ate in the parks.
For the hotel pool men need to wear Speedos. If you don't have a pair there is a vending machine to purchase.
Reception staff rang RS the day before departure to confirm pick up. Small amount of tourist tax to pay on arrival at Reception.

No supermarket nearby to stock up.All horrendously expensive, mainly fast food( the equivalent of a MCD meal for 5 cost 50 Euros) and minimal healthy fare and the French didn't seem over keen on the Brits.
Rather rude and despite having a special assistance pass and arriving back at the ride at the allotted time, a large French family were given access ahead of us. Par for the course during the holiday.

Very impressed with Easyjet. Hadn't flown with them before and had heard horror stories. On time, plane clean and more legroom than I am used to.They now pre allocate seats so don't be fooled into paying for allocated seating unless you want to sit somewhere specific. We were all seated together same seats there and back. No mad rush to get on.

Got tickets from Attractiontix and saved a lot. They email you a voucher and you exchange it for the proper tickets. 4 days for the price of 3. Worked fine.
Looked on the Attractiontix site and the prices for Disneyland Paris are cheaper than getting them from Disney themselves, but I've never heard of the firm.

Apart from Hbrac, has anyone else used them and how did it work out?
Hi Babs. I only heard of them via this site . All I can say is that they were good and we had no problems. I did look on their website and then ring them up first just to put my mind at rest. They are based in Birmingham. Contact details are online. They were alot cheaper than that offered elsewhere.
Hbrac, just to let you know; in the time inbetween my original post and your reply Disney (via Expedia which is cheaper anyway) were doing a special on the ticket prices so we went with them. I think the difference in price was something in the region of a couple of quid more per person so felt it made more sense to go down the official route!

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