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DIY to Far East
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Best to compare TO and DIY - its not always cheaper to DIY. We usually go DIY but tend to use hotels not in the TO brochures when visiting Thailand, so difficult to compare prices. Our last Thai holiday cost us about £680 pp for 15 nights 3 centre (Phuket, Krabi, Bangkok) with internal flights and private transfers throughout, staying in a mix of three and four star properties - hotels and serviced apartments.
As Sunbear says, compare.

The Far East still has many IT Air Fares - which are air fares that can only be booked in conjunction with accommodation that you will be able to book online, and at times can be considerably cheaper than seat only air fares. And also if you are booking far ahead often you are just paying a deposit.

But if you know what you want it's very easy to compare.
Thanks to you both.
Can you let me know of any good websites you use?


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