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I just gripped the seat and closed my eyes whilst my other half was driving in Italy :shock:

Seriously though, in towns it can be rather crazy but country roads are fine. Avoid cities if you can and make sure your car hire does not have a huge excess. We drove from Rome, down to south of Naples and the worst bits were the Naples ring road and any large towns where cars were double parked, motorcycles wove in and out, drivers were impatient and I'm sure mobile phones were compulsory :wink: We've driven in Tuscany too, which was mainly fine apart from Florence, where we got a parking ticket. Just keep your wits about you and you'll be OK.
Italians generally are great people but they take on a weird transformation when they get behind the wheel of a car.
If you are of a nervous disposition driving in England, dont drive in Italy. Its not particularly difficult, just too much hassle simply to get from A to B. There are some places you need a car to get to but public transport in Italy is good and usually much quicker than driving yourself.
Having said that, if you like a challenge and like leaning on your horn, hire a car... its an experience...especially if, as some other posts on this thread say, you should be foolish enough to venture onto the Napoli ring road or into the centre of Rome...... foreign tourists in cars have replaced Christians as Gladiatorial fodder in the centre of Rome.
Also a note on Rome alot of traffic is banned from the centre and only essential services (deliverys,taxis,etc) are allowed in so im told.
and anyway do really want to sit in traffic all day?
Thanks to everyone who has replied here. It's given us a much needed laugh!

Having spent many a happy hour just 'watching' the driving in Italy and cringing it's nice to note that we're not the only ones who think they're totally mad! (We still love the place and the people - their driving is just one of those things that makes our holidays there that 'extra bit special!')

Having said that, we still love it ....... but prefer to do Italy via Cosmos Tourama and then someone else has to drive!!!!

If anyone is brave enough to try it - rather you than us!!

Just a quick addition - I've heard that a new(ish) regulation has come in - ie you need to carry a couple of those rather fetching flourescent jackets in your car in case you have a breakdown. Touch wood they are never needed!
You are absolutely right about the fluorescent jacket. It is also the law in Spain and recommended for Germany. Makes good sense though.
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