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I think in most cases full board just covers food. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. I would not expect any drinks at all on full board. I would expect to have to pay for them (although you might get tea or coffee, maybe water).
I agree with Sunbear, full board is breakfast lunch and dinner with maybe a cuppa.
Hi, we have stayed full board before and they had juices, tea, coffe and water with your meals only in the buffet area but you had to pay for all other drinks.

Em :D
Yep your all right , full board is your standard 3 meals - no snacks unless specified in the brochure and you get drink with breakfast and also after you lunch and tea, I myself go for AI and I doubt if I would ever differ, its mainly for the pop for the kids as they never stop drinking in the heat and of course of a night you dont have to worry about spending money, when I have been given a price we have always obtained the two prices one for SC and one for AI, the split the difference between the days and most of the time it leaves about £30 a day for 4 of us to eat and drink all day on. So I say go AI and then if you run out of money when you are there you aint gonna starve
Food and drink is the obvious difference but there are often other hotel facilities which are offered in all inclusive, but are at extra cost in full boards. For example, the use of water sports equipment (Hobby cats, canoes, snorkelling equipment), tennis courts etc. Some non-all-inclusive hotels provide these as standard but some charge. All inclusives hotels also tend to be 'resorts' and are often secluded or on the outskirts of resorts. The hotel complex has everything you need on-site. Full board hotels are normally more central in resorts.

yes Dazbo is right, in our AI package this year we get 3 meals a day unlimited drinks, snacks, pop, icecream, use of all pools and sports facilities, but we do have to pay for certain things like swimming lessons and dance class and the massages etc
we are going all inclusive for the first time this year. full board does tend to be basic juices, tea coffee etc although i did see a couple of hotels advertised in brochures that stated "bottle of wine with evening meals" so id say look at the brochure listing see if you get anything extra.
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