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furnishing villa
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For white goods try http://www.arcelik.com.tr/english/ There are Arcelik stores everywhere. I think the prices are very reasonable, but my Turkish Hubby tells me they are very expensive a u are better going to the local independants?!?

My apartment is in Marmaris - So cant really help you specifically in Akyaka. But a few national furnishing retailers are

Happy shopping :lol:
try going to Mugla and having a browse. Its only 45 mins from Akyaka and the prices can be cheaper than Marmaris. Some people go as far as Izmir ( my wife included) and hire a van to bring back stuff. Some people will deliver if you spend loads.
A word of warning, if somebody says the can get you the best deals and take you around the shops, then they are on commission. This can work out more expensive than doing it yourself.
There are 2 prices locally yabanci (foreigner) and Turkish. Learn as much lingo as you can and haggle like crazy.
Good Luck
Hi- Don't know if you are back in UK yet, but we are in the process of buying in Akyaka too and will hopefully be back there at end of March to furnish ours....
If you had any luck and found some decent stuff from these suggestions I would be pleased to hear!
We too are looking for mid priced items...The Arcelik site looks quite good and it is nice to see prices on the website...Many thanks..

Hope all went well for you...

Ann Marie
With regards to shops selling electrical items, there is a shop in Marmaris which is a sister company to Arcelik and cheaper.

Its at the back of the bazaar, in the street I call "shoe street" because of all the shoe shops!

As Chelsea Boy says, there are a lot of shops in Mugla, which is not too far from Akyaka (though I bought all my furniture in Marmaris). You also have Marmaris or possibly Dalaman to buy from, I found that the general rule was that if they had it in stock they would normally deliver within 24 hours. If you have to order you can be waiting weeks.

The other thing is, I have shown lots of people around the shops in Marmaris, just so they know where they can get things, I am not on commission, just trying to help people out, I have even done maps and directions for several people, to help them find their way around.

But many people out there are on commission, especially some of the agents. I am lucky enough to know my way around Marmaris pretty well, and have gone off wandering down back streets to see whats there.

Also migros and tansas sell electrical goods.


Migros also do internet shopping and delivery in the Marmaris area, not that I can work out what it says on the web site to be able to do this.

So happy shopping, and help offered is not always for financial gain, there are some people that genuinely want to help. :D
Hi. We bought in Altinkum so can't help with any local shops, but here are some websites to give you ideas. As we have a little one, I did most of it on the internet prior to going back out there. Arcelik were excellent and let me have to details of the local agent, who I phoned/faxed for prices and delivery & he was excellent.

Here we go...


We bought our other furniture from Kelebek, in Bodrum. The service was excellent - I did everything from here. I have a fax/tel no & contact if you go down that route.

When we went to Bodrum for the day, we went to the shop. It's out of the town (short taxi ride) and there are several others out there too.

Looked at these ones, but didn't buy from them.

We bought more expensive furniture, but it is good quality. You get whatyou pay for though. You can get some bits in the Migros or Gima - white goods, patio furniture, etc.

Hope this is helpful. Have a nice holiday. Let me know how you get on.

Hi. If anyone needs help with furniture in the Bodrum region I will be happy to help. I know the region and shops like the back of my hand! :D
Hi Jo2beans

Thanks for your help... When you say the electrical shop on 'shoe st'...do you mean the road that runs paralel to the beach behind the public toilets? beofre you enter the bazaar area...Or can you think of a restaurant or big place near by.. so I can find it? and thanks for your offer of help...

I too like to help without being a Mrs 20%!!!

Ann Marie
Hi Anne Marie

The easiest way I can expain how to get to the street I call "shoe st"

If you go to Tansas in Marmaris, and you look directly opposite you, there is a road, and there is a Pizza Tomato restaurant in this Road, on the left hand side.

Go down this road to the end, passing Pizza Tomato. When you come to the bottom of this road, you are at a junction, to the road I call "shoe st", the shop that sells a lot of electical items is to the left on the opposite side of the road, before you come to the computer shop.

I know that those directions are a bit vague, but I dont know the real name to the street.

Hope it helps.

Thanks Jo...
I know where you are....Where abouts do you live in Marmaris...I may bump into you!
Ann Marie
Hi Anne Marie

I am in Beldibi, have a look at the link to my website. It might give you a better idea.

Does anyone one know where we can buy decent furniture in the dalaman area please?
I would just have a good look round the furniture shops in Dalaman (there is quite a few now) It used to be cheaper to buy furniture in Dalaman than it was in Fethiye, but I am not sure if that is still true. Shop around and get some prices. Its the same as it is in the UK - you can get cheap furniture, middle range or top range, depends what you want. White goods are about the same price as they are in the UK - maybe slightly cheaper but again it depends what make you want.
Good luck.
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