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Hi there,

This website maybe useful-

Enter friends of pefkos into google search engine and click on msn/ friends of pefkos link. There is a contacts for weddings link in there. You can join discussions with many othere brides to be. Also if you contact Janette at Marias supermarket through this site.....

Janette's Husband is the glass bottom Boat owner's cousin. I believe the owners name is Jonio (Not sure of spelling tho).....

Hope this helps.....

hi lynne, thanks for the info...i shall try the site and fingers crossed should find what im looking for. thanks again. miss p :D
Hi there!
Just wondered if you had got sorted regarding the glass bottom boat.
My son had his wedding in St Pauls bay and afterwards hired the boat. IT WAS TRULY WONDERFUL. For me, I personally think it was the icing on the cake, so to speak....perfect. I am not sure how they hired it but they had a wedding co-ordinator who too was wonderful and so helpful. If you want to know more I can tell you such a lot about what they did 'extra' that stood out from the other wedding that we saw at a later date.
Oh...forgot to mention that on the boat, they had champagne (only drawback on this was that my son and his fiancee had to take out 25 (that was the amount of people in the party) plastic champagne flutes....which I personally think could have been included in the 'boat package' price...but no...they had to take them over to Rhodes. On the boat, they also had made a CD of all their favourite songs and the highlight was when they stood up on front of the boat to Titanic theme!!! Sounds cheesy but it looked was six thirty in the evening and the weather was 38 degrees...and it was truly, truly beautiful. My son had told me what to expect but I never expected it quite as lovely as it was. Any more info that I can help you with...dont hesitate to contact me.
However, please bear in mind that this was OUR experience. As with anything no two experiences are ever the same. JBB
jbb. thanks for your your son will know, oranaising a wedding in greece from the uk is difficult. you want everything to be perfect but untill you get there it is difficult to imagine.we have booked through first choice travel and have received our legal information this morning ( which we had to apy £1.60 for on collection from the post office!!!!!!!!!) the glass bottom boat is quoted at 450 euros from st pauls bay back to you know if this sounds about right or could i book it myself for less direct with the owner????..any information that you have about this or anything regarding the legal side would be so much appreciated. we dont know anyone who has married in greece so any advice would,im sure, help us. thanks and look forward to your reply. miss p. :)
Hi again,

I can confirm that for the last 3 years we have booked a private two and a half hour cruise on the glass bottom. We always book this direct with the owner Jonio. He takes us out from pefkos beach (the next resort along from Lindos). We cruise along the coast and stop off in Navarone bay. (Yes, where they filmed the guns of Navarone). A beautiful spot with shallow waters and turquoise sea.

We then cruise round the coast to Lindos and the Acropolis. He also takes us into St Pauls Bay. Then we return along the coast to Pefkos after a swim in the caves.

For this he charges us 300 euros.

If you search for "friends of pefkos" on google and go into the msn website you can click on "general" on the links to the left of the home page to access discussion forums with plenty other brides to be!!.

If you click on the "useful links" on the left of the page. you can click on the e-mail address for the Maria's apartments/ supermarket. Through this you can e-mail Jeanette who is Jonio's sister in law. She is most helpful and also uses the friends of pefkos website to offer help to holiday makers looking for advice. She would be able to help you book the boat privately. And probably a lot cheaper than you were quoted.

Hope you can get everything arranged soon!!

Best wishes,
Lynne, Paul and Ross
hello lynne,paul and ross. thanks once again for your very usefull advice. 300 euros certainly is a better price than what we have been quoted!!its not that we are being "tight" with money..but there is so much expense and if we can save a litle it all helps. i am going to look at the site now!! thanx again. miss p 8)
Are you having a wedding planner organise it. If so they will be able to advise, if you are using a holiday rep they should be able to tell you as well.
hi, yes we will have a wedding planner. we have booked with first choice travel and have been told we will get a represntitive to help us when we arrive in pefkos. :D
If I was you I would get her contact details now as they can help you normally before you even get out there. Ask First Choice for her details, she is probably already based in Rhodes now.
hi again "breezeclose". thankyou. i will be going in to see our travel agent this weekend so i will ask them about it and hopefully get her name and contact details. :D

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