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From what you have said I doubt if youwill get any change out of T.C.

My only suggestion it to contact

Trading Standards" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" class="break-word">

They will be able to tell you your legal options and all it costs is a telephone call.
  • Edited by fwh 2019-04-09 19:41:34
I'd have thought that the facilities & options, when booking the holiday were part of your contract. Your contract included premium drinks etc, that's why you booked that hotel, as, at the time of booking, it came under the Luxury umbrella.

It's on par with booking H/B then being told, at a later date, that you'll only be entitled to B/B IMO.
Well Thomas Cook have got back to me today and acknowledged that they agree the services aren't the same so have offered me a free hotel change to a Luxury one on the beach.

Cheers guys 👍
Excellent Mark 👍 Thanks for letting us know the outcome & you can now relax & look forward to your holidays 😀
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