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Can Misses in Ibiza town is the only state hospital it's on the ouskirts of Ibiza Town although there are private ones in Ibiza. Can Misses is as good if not better than any hospital that you will find in the UK and a lot of the doctors and nurses speak English (unlike the UK!) The added bonus is that with a small population on the island waiting times are better and they have never heard of MRSA.
There was a big hospital in Ibiza town on the road in from Playa Den Bossa. I think there is another even bigger one on the edge of town out by the Power Station behind the port.

I had a pool accident one time splitting my head open on the bottom of the campsite pool in Es Cana! After being given 1st aid by one of the staff they put me in the site minibus and drove me into Sta Eulalia where I was taken into what I assumed was a private clinic. The 1st aider rabbitted away to the staff and I was taken straight away into a treatment room where a doctor came to examine me. My Spanish was insuffiient for conversation and the Dr had little English. However we both had enough French to converse! (Thank you Mr Glauert) A local anaesthetic and 4 stitches later I was back in the bus and back on site. They didn't even take my name let alone make any charge for the treatment! 7 days later I took the stitches out myself.
My daughter got really bad Croup whilst on holiday last year in Santa Eulalia and we asked the receptionist and he told us to go to a clinic in Santa Eulalia and we just showed her E111 card and it was no hassle what so ever. The clinic was fab, and the staff were great.


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