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sorry not herd of it can you say were about in benidorm ie location and if it was near any land marks to see if we can help

the fatboy
what a lovely thought Elisa , but sorry ive not heard of it either , but i will ask on another forum .
I don't know why the Hotel Glasor name is ringing bells with me and I may well be completely wrong, but something tells me that there is a connection with the current Hotel Gran Delfin in La Cala. I don't know whether that might possibly have been a change of hotel name, or a reconstruction on the same site, or perhaps just the same owners.

David :wave
but something tells me that there is a connection with the current Hotel Gran Delfin in La Cala. I don't know whether that might possibly have been a change of hotel name, or a reconstruction on the same site, or perhaps just the same owners

I was thinking that too, because the location looks about right, but the problem is that the Gran hotel Delfin was built in 1963 and Elisa says they went for their honeymoon around about 1965 to the Glasor, so it might just be the owner connection.?
Thanks all. It was 1965 so it can't be the Delfin, just spoke to Mum who is going to book to go to another hotel and then walk along the prom and see what is physically there. Thank you all for your kind help and investigations! Off to purchase the postcard for them anyway! :)
Unfortunately we can't link to that site from the forums, but you can now add the video to the new Media Galleries if you like via the link in the navigation bar at the top of the page, and then just link to the galleries page from here.

David :wave
This is still bugging me, because I know that I had a conversation with someone in Benidorm a few years ago about Hotel Glasor. Unfortunately I can't remember who it was or why we were having the discussion, but for some reason a connection with Gran Hotel Delfin instantly sprung to mind when I saw Hotel Glasor mentioned in this topic.

Looking at some of the old photos of Hotel Glasor in Sanji's links above, there are striking similarities with some of the current photos of Gran Hotel Delfin on its website and elsewhere. But that might easily be true of many Benidorm hotels built in the 60s. The location also seems remarkably close, if not identical.

I have been exchanging emails with Gran Hotel Delfin today and they tell me that the only Hotel Glasor they know of is in Madrid, and that it was actually owned by the same person who owns Gran Hotel Delfin. That seems a bit of a coincidence, and is certainly not the connection that I was previously aware of as I personally don't know any hotels in Madrid.

But they also tell me that one of the neighbouring properties to Gran Hotel Delfin in Benidorm is the Glasor Apartments, which again is a bit of a coincidence. I am assuming that it is a residential complex rather than a tourist complex. I am now trying to establish from them if that apartment complex is or was ever owned by them and if it is perhaps the original Hotel Glasor building from the 60s that has been converted to apartments, or perhaps a newer construction on the site of the original hotel.

I am still pretty sure of a connection of some sort, if only I could remember what it was !! :hmmm
David :wave
I spent quite a bit of time on this yesterday, TBH too much time.
The hotel Glasor was still open and functioning in December 1972 because they are listed in the hotels which installed what was probably the first mini bars in the rooms.
You'll have to increase the text by using the + tab, to see it listed on the left with other hotels in Benidorm.

Edifico Glasor is listed as AV MARINA ESPANOLA 001 en: BENIDORM ( ALICANTE ) (España), and if I put that address into Google earth, it takes me straight to the area, but the address is now Avenida de la Armarda, so, was that road once called Avda Marina Espanola.? and to confuse the issue further, I found out yesterday that the area from the end of parque de Elche (start of Jaime1) to the end of Avenida de la Armarda, is still known as the Glasor I'm beginning to think Hotel Villa del Mar.!

This link is still using the address Avda Marina Espanola, but the address for the Villa del Mar is Avenida de la Armada Española, 1 .....and the address for Edifico Glasor is the same number 001.
So, I'm now beginning to think that we were looking too far down towards La Cala, and that the Hotel Glasor was demolished and there were some apartments known as Edifico Glasor in the area which is still today known as Glasor, and the hotel Villa del Mar is built on the ground where these apartments once stood.

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Forgot to say..... :duh
It still doesn't solve the mystery of what is built today on the land where the Hotel Glasor stood, but I think the Gran Hotel Delfin is too far down....but it's just my opinion and I wouldn't make a good detective. :rofl

Unfortunately it seems my last questions about the history and ownership of the current Glasor Apartments building were a little too probing and time consuming, and no further information will be forthcoming. :yikes
All that is clear, other than the ownership connection between Gran Hotel Delfin in Benidorm and Hotel Glasor in Madrid, is that there is currently a property close to the Gran Hotel Delfin in Benidorm which is called Glasor Apartments, but it may not necessarily be the original hotel or on the site of the original hotel. But just like Gemelos, Paraiso and all the other common apartment complex names in Benidorm, there may currently be more than one Glasor property in the resort.

I don't think there is much chance of my memory ever recalling what the previous discussion was about Hotel Glasor and studying this pic more closely, the Villa del Mar theory is a possibilty:

David :wave
The hotel Villa del Mar was constructed in 1972 and the hotel Glasor was still open and functioning in 1972, so, those two hotels cannot be on the same site, however it's this address that's baffling me, and it indicates to me that the hotel Villa del Mar was built on land which previously had a building called Edifico Glasor..... IE: Edifico Glasor is listed as AV MARINA ESPANOLA 001 and the hotel Villa del Mar is Avenida de la Armada Española, 1, but various sites give the address for the hotel VDM as Avda Marina Espanola 1.....the same address as the edifico this link below, but then click on "ver sitio web" and the address changes.

Some great photos of 'old Benidorm' and if you scroll down to nearly the bottom of the page, there's 2 photos of the hotel Glasor, which may put the position into perspective in relation to the rest of the coast down to La Cala.

The other private apartments called Glasor are situated.....
Dirección Av. VILLAJOYOSA 3
Teléfono 965852700*

Somebody wrote on the 16th July this year "hoy miércoles día 16 estará en la Playa de Poniente, junto al Edificio Glasor;"
Which translated says ...Wednesday 16th will be at the Playa de Poniente, near the building Glasor.
So, where the Avenida de la Armada Española ends and the start of Avda Villajoyosa begins, starting with the address number 1, these apartments addressed number 3, must be in that area, and are still not near the Gran Hotel Delfin.

I might ask some of the lads over on a couple of Spanish forums later, otherwise I think we need a historian. :rofl
Hi Sanji
That is a fantastic selection of old photos of Benidorm.
I love seeing how Benidorm used to be and they are the best I have seen.

Brill Sanji , your a gem, full of knowlege and pictures, :tup
Hi Sue & Snowey
Glad you enjoyed looking at them....Benidorm certainly looks a lot different.

Looking at that photo in my previous post and noting the shape of the bay, I'm beginning to think that the Hotel Glasor was positioned near the end of Avenida de la Armada Española before it splits off into Avda de Vincent Llorca Alos, and the existing apartments are somewhere between there and the Gran Hotel Delfin, but looking at google, the hotel Delfin still looks quite a way away, but there again, I don't know which end the addresses run from on Avda Villajoyosa and if they start the other end, these apartments may be near the Hotel Delfin, but it takes you out of the zone which is known as Glasor.
I'm giving up on this and I'm gonna ask a friend or go 50/50.:rofl

Final thoughts on this...... the area known as Glasor runs from Parque Elche westward to just before the beginning of Avenue de Vicente Llorca Alos and reading the link I posted about the land Benidorm council reclaimed back into the public domain.....I think (she says hopefully)
The hotel Glasor was near the junction for the split off of Avenue de Vicente Llorca Alos, I think it was demolished and apartments built on the same site and they still stand today....the gardens (or part of them) which belonged to the demolished hotel were taken back.

Why the red herring with the address of the Villa del Mar. :que ...unless there was another building called Glasor, which is quite possible.
But hey, we all got to look at some new 'old' pictures of Benidorm. :tup


As a young man, I was Courier at this hotel for Sunflight Holidays and subsequently with
Clarksons Tours. This was 1963 - 1967.

The hotel was situated half way along the Poniente beach on the beach side of the road
and was, in those days, highly regarded in terms of both accommodation and cuisine. I certainly
enjoyed many a good moment there and met many nice people - perhaps your parents, who knows.

What eventually happened to the Hotel, I am not sure. I left Benidorm in 1975. I think it was
still there then

Elisa, I hope this has been a help to you.
For anyone on facebook, theres a page called Benidorm200 (dont put a space in before 200), which has many photo's of old benidorm, which are being added to all the time. There's quite a few Hotels on there and one is a photo of the Hotel Glasor!

Best Regards - Taggy
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