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Hi Angela,
Hope you and your hubby are feeling better after your bad experience.The stomach bug sweeping our country last year affected us and even though that was only 48hrs was an unpleasant experience for all affected.The worst thing for yourselves is that you look forward to your holiday for so long and then it is ruined by this and you basically have had no holiday.
The fact that you have been going to Icmeler for so long will probably mean you will return.I hope you do as that is the magic of Turkey.Go once and you are hooked ;) ;)
Again hope you are both feeling better.
Best Wishes Dave
Sorry to hear about your holiday Angela, hope you are feeling better now you're home. I'm just wondering if the people affected were all staying at the same place or had eaten at the same restaurant ?
thank you both molly and dave for your best wishes, well yes there were about 4 other families in our apartments affected the same way as we were,, but having said that, when we were well enough to venture further than the bathroom, we met lots of other people who were either suffering the same fate or knew of someone ill , we tend to be carefull what and where we eat and never touch chicken, [ i had a nasty experience yrs ago ] we think it must of been some kind of virus/bug ... guess we were just lucky "" but no i really dont think i will be going again... oh it was horrible....
sorry to hear about your illness

we came back from goa this year and hubby returned with salmonella, we'd had such a great time, but it has put him of going back.
Sorry you had a bad time angela ,but i think it is important to remember that this sort of thing can happen anywhere including your own country .Just back from belek myself ,but about three weeks before we went there was a bug going around the town where i live ,we only have a pop of 6,500 as it is a small island and lots of people got it ,including myself ,but hey thats life ,would be a shame if it put you off going to turkey again.

I suffered the same in Tunisia about 7 years ago.didnt put me off going back,Ive been back 3 times since,and going back again next week,just put it down to a one off.I also go to Turkey every year.
Hi Angela,
Sorry to hear about your troubles.
My wife and I are going back to the Kleopatra II appts on October 17th (without the kids for the first time in 18 years - yipee) and were wondering where you stayed on your holiday?
i think the bug was doing the rounds.....we stayed at the palm gardens and a few people were ill there and needed to see the doctor, d & v can spread very quickly. luckily in sept none of us were hit by it...

hope you feel better soon angela, and anyone else who has suffered..
Hi Angela
Sorry to hear of your bad experiance
We have just returned from Icmeler and never heard or witnessed any thing in regard to a bug doing the rounds,although we stay well up the valley but came down to the town and beach every day we never heard any thing so can only think it was very local to either where you were staying or the restarants you have used,
I do sincerly hope you dont put the full blame on the whole of Icmeler.

I also have a thought about this--How do people feel about eating "plank steaks"
My thoughts are that how can you clean and steralise a piece of wood to the same degree as a piece of cyramic, the wood having thousands of knife cuts in it that can harbour germs, to me its like eating off a freshly mopped floor !!!
Im convinced this is where a lot of problems stem from, any medical /hygenic members out there !!! put us right on this
I also feel the same Peli about ''Planks'' if I do fancy one I always ask if they can serve it on a plate rather than wood :D I have never had a problem with them doing this for me.
After our dreadfull holiday in Menorca we did burn wood on the camp fire. but then we discovered Turkey !!! the camping trips were only once a year after that :( only joking but we will never go back to Menorca again, but we carnt blame!!!
Menorca i think that we was their at the wrong time as there was a nasty tummy bug going round the island :(
So we have the best of both worlds, going on holiday to Turkey and lots of camping holidays in England .Its amazing how you can ajust, but you dont get the 5 star treatment of a turkish 5 star hotel. Also no lovely weather in England!! :rofl
hi peli.. firstly no i dont blame all of icmeler.. but there were a lot of tourists we met that had been affected by this stomach bug, some of them much worse than ourselves, like i already said we dont over do the spicey food, excess alcohol etc i dont think it was from the type of food we ate, i fully agree with your views on plank steaks, not nice
I just got back from Icmeler and heard several people complaining about the bug.One lady in our hotel was ill for 3 days but we were on a B&B basis so it wasnt the hotel food.Another couple we met were in an apartment and she had cooked for themselves and she got ill for a few days.
Many locals joked with people who had AI bracelets on by saying "I see you have your hospital bracelet on"!
Several people were ill staying at a certain hotel which shall be nameless but begins with L!
I take Acidophilus before I go on holiday now as it protects against stomach bugs.
what a bad experience
I hope you recovered well

As most people say, it could happen everywhere.
But I don't eat strange things and no ice when I'm in turkey.

I try to avoid the doner....but I can't resist sometimes

Just back from Icmeler - none of the four of us had any problems whatsoever, and we didn't come across anyone else who had suffered stomach bugs either. Great holiday - fantastic weather, prices for meals etc really good (Efes for 1YTL!) and can't wait to go back again!

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