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im confussed
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puerto rico, maspalomas and playa del ingles are all different places.
Maspalomas is right next to playa del ingles.
Playa del ingles will be busy when you go and there are lots of places to go, where
are you staying?
thanks for that :) glad some 1 could put me straight think we are staying at the roque nublo appartments somethin like that cheap and cheerfull 1 star lol :cry but sure we will be fine :tup
roque nublo right in the mix of things for playa, it is mainly a "youth" unit so most people we be will be in a similar position to you. Main places to go kasbah centre, and the aguila roca (irish centre)

Foam party on a wednesday, school disco on a friday and loads of places to go out to. Day time PDI has a big beach easy to get to with jetsking etc there. Booze cruises go out through the week as do bar crawls if they are your thing

PDI should be bouncing by july 1st

It will be VERY hot, had quite a few lads in our bar this week and at least 3 of them did the whole "dont need suncream" bit and all ended up a stupid and uncomfortable shade of bright red. :duh

All will be spot on for :sun2 :cheers
hey thanks for that info on the roque nublo :tup it means alot kinda looking forward to coming out there even more now as we are in the mix!!!!! and also i thank yo ufor pointing us in the write direction (kasbah and the irish center has been brought to my attention a few times) and yes we will definately looking for those kinda thing booze cruise water sports foam parties school disco etc...... we are coming out there for a right laugh and to get proper drunk typical lads holiday i suppose :sun2 !!! o and yes i have packed my sun cream factor 10 :tongue so is it hot out there now ?????

did you say you own a bar out there in playa del ingles if so whats it called maybe we will pop in to sample some san miguel !! is that the local beer out there???? :tup
thanks again
The bar is down in puerto rico.

Get a bit of factor 30! you will fry in about 20 mins otherwise it is very warm at the moment and sun very strong.

Loacl brew is tropical, a fine tasty beverage at 4.8% mmm :cheers

The bar crawl is on a tuesday round the main bars in PDI with the reps, wednesday night is foam party not sure what day booze cruise is with the reps but they go pretty much daily from here.

have a wicked time and erm rock the kasbah :rofl and get the Jaegerbombs in!

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