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Afaik a UK car can only stay in Turkey for 6 months then has to leave for another 6 months.

I would buy the TV in Turkey as there are shops that sell them.

Its a long drive from Liverpool to London so its one heck of a haul to Turkey.


Theres an article here http://www.mymerhaba.com/en/main/content.asp_Q_id_E_2081 about driving to Turkey from the UK.

Briar, I hope its ok to give this link here, just thought it would be helpful..
You will find its cheaper to buy tv and other elec goods in Turkey rather than pay the import duty and easier than all the customs paperwork.
do you want to import from uk to Turkey ?
If so my other half is in this line of work & might be able to advise you.
You can email me & I will give you some info
Just bring clothes and other personal affects. Ornaments etc.Everything else can be bought here and the total cost will be less than transport and duties. Unless you are driving, then you get problems at customs in Bulgaria and Yugoslavia also.

An example of duty payable. We had a 2 year old vcr which we brought out here. The duty was 150 million lira. We bought a brand new sony with 3 year garauntee for 130 million. The customs officer is now the proud owner of an Aldi special minus leads and remote.
Agree with apollo 11 on this one I have done this both ways back in 92 I exported my wife and her baggage to England -didnt even get charged excess baggage - and then done it the other way 2002 the formulae I applied was cost of item new (say food mixer) minus car boot price minus duty if I import it minus shipping cost minus insurance cost minus hassle, you will end up with a negative number Then look at the cost of buying new here. providing you haggle over price here you will get everything you need at a good price just bring those little bits that make your house into your home.
Don't bring your British VCR to Turkey as they don't work, we have a different system in Turkey..
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