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Try looking here

Malaria medication is not necessary
thanks no malaria
checking sites for jabs
has anyone else been and had any jabs
The link that Shirley gave you above gives you the comprehensive picture re immunisations and if you contact your GP practice they can tell you whether you are up to date with boosters or need to get them done before you go. They will give you individaul advice based on the sort of holiday you will be taking, eg are you going to be spending the whole time based in a tourist hotel or are you planning on trekking in the countryside where the possible risks are different?

Whether you bother or not is up to you - there are no compulsory requirements for entry into Cuba unless you ere arriving from a region where Yellow Fever is found in which case you do need a Yellow Fever certificate but this won't apply if you are flying from the UK. As the recommendations are essentially the same as for keeping your immunisations up to date here in the UK, you might as well have them done anyway. I always have any boosters needed done before I go.

Off the Cuba for the first time the last two weeks of January. Touring the first week (Havanatours) and then Cayo Levisa for the second week. Are mossies a problem at this time of the year or not ?


Hi Brian

You don't need to take any anti Malaria medication for Cuba :tup
Brian L wrote:
Are mossies a problem at this time of the year or not ?

I've never found mossies to be a problem in Cuba, especially in the less humid months when you're going.

Hi Brian, like Darren, I've never found Mozzies to be much of a problem in Cuba and especially not out of the rainy season. If you are somebody who is susceptible to insect bites then by all means take a decent insect repellent if you are likely to be spending time of an evening outdoors where there is a lot of foliage (eg if your tour includes an overnight at the Hotel Moka in Las Terrazzas which is up in the mouintains and always more humid than the coastal areas at any time of year).

And whilst they have never bothered me, some people do react to bites from the sandflies that are found on some beaches. I don't recall any complaints about them on Cayo Levisa but as it's essentially one big sandbank and the layout means that you'll be virtually living on the beach, taking a sunscreen which contains an insect repellent might be a good precaution if you know that you are one of the people who does react to sandfly bites.

If you do get bitten and the bites become troublesome (eg infected) then rest assured that in my experience the Cuban medical services are excellent ;)

Do have a great holiday and sit back and enjoy a mojito for me. Haven't been able to get anything sorted yet but hoping to be back there myself a bit later in the year including spending a few days on Cayo Levisa myself.


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