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you'll have to buy a payg sim which you can get in pretty much any decent supermarket/newsagent,which one will depend on needs etc but i doubt you'll get 1GB on payg,might be wrong like but most are 500mb tops here same as payg in the uk,but how much data can you get through on holiday unless you're sat on script-heavy websites all day?. Also there's wi-fi all over the place in bars and hotels,often free,either openly or with a passkey given out when you buy a drink
500MB would be fine, I can always get another one if it runs out. Wi-Fi sounds good but I want to use it on the beach while the Missus is reading so I doubt the Wi-Fi extends to the beach. I get a lot of business emails with attachments that I'll need to keep up to date with as well so will need a few MBs.

Thanks for your help. I have an iPad 2 that uses the micro sims, are they readily available in the supermarkets over there as well as the normal ones?
you'd need to go to a phone shop for a micro sim,cant say for sure but i'd imagine you'd have to register a normal one,then get the serial number of the micro one,phone the network,prey you get an english speaking operator and get it changed over,but to register you'll also need to make a call,and have an address,but this could all end up taking 24 hours,unless the vodafone/windGR shop have them ready to go on payg,this is greece after all,i've lost count of how many times i've had dramas with my phone and sim,and mine's registered and i speak enough greek to deal with the phonecall :rofl

you might find somewhere that can circumvent all of this,or find that you can cut the normal sim in half to fit the ipad,i know people do this but it's easy to cock it up,also my 3G here is constantly dropping,if i can even get it to start with,usually it's via edge at best and even then you need a good strong signal to get connected,regardless of your hardware,and that's in a large resort with plenty of transmitters etc,i'd imagine further down the coast it would be almost impossible.

i know quite a lot of locals with ipads and similar but they're all exclusively on contract and in the case of the ipad,hard to get unless you go to athens or order it online.

I remember a time when being on a beautiful greek island with plenty to see and do was enough for the average tourist,it's a shame we can't be without the internet for more than a couple of hours even on holiday :(

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