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Hi Rooster

Villa Mari Eleni is superb. We stayed a good few years ago, but for space and solitude, you cannot beat it.

I suspect that it may have needed a little upgrading since we went, but languishing in the pool surrounded by nothing except banana trees is bliss. It's spread over several floors, and comes with a self-contained flatlet on the lower/ground floor. The privacy and tranquility cannot be underestimated (caveat: It's been a while since I've been and there may be other properties built nearby since)

The slight down sides; It does take a good few minutes to drive anywhere for food/drinks.
The patio to the side of the house by the kitchen has the water tank next to it so it spoils the ambience.
It's a nightmare to find at 9pm like we did, as the directions from the reps were atrocious.

The owner sometimes bimbles around the grounds as she was harvesting the nuts from the trees, but she was pleasant enough and didn't intrude.

In summary: It's vast, spacious and peaceful. The location and the privacy cannot be bettered.

The Agios Georgios area is just along the coast from Paphos and really only has Coral Bay and the village of Peyia up in the hills to talk of. Right at the end of the road, there's a pleasant restaurant overlooking the cliff, but not really much else. For most needs it's a trip down the road into Paphos I'm afraid.
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Thanks both.
weizen, is the villa on a decent bus route- is the bus stop near by?
How did you go on with supermarkets etc are there any nearby?

Many Thanks
Anyone know where this villa is advertised nowadays?

Cant find it anywhere.

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