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My best friend at work is from Mauritius and has visited most of the top hotels on the island - I will ask her about Le Coco Beach when I get back to work on Monday if you haven't had a response by them.

Also have to advise you that July is not the best of times to visit Mauritius - it's the equiviment of their winter. I think the temps will be in the low 70's but not much higher - will also be more likely to have rain. I asked my friend if I should go in July a while ago and she said it was 'risky'. The best time to go is Nov - March. You could of course have great weather , it's just a bitmore of a risk.
8) This was one of the best hotels I have stayed in Abroad.
Spotlessly clean and tidy. :D

The food was Great, Providing a large selection form burgers to lovely sea food,currys, you name it they did it. :D

Is was very good for the kids also.

We went all in and loved it...Even the beer was good.

The only thing we found you could not have from the pool bar/grill was lobster but we had it and paid arroun £12 not bat at all Yum Yum

All the local spirits and beers were good. form the pool bar and resteraunt.

I cant praise this hotel enough!!

They are very helpfull and friendly... GO THERE ITS ACE!!!

we went in may 2003 the air temp was 29 C and the water was 30C!!

I dont know who told you is was shabby but they need a kick as its definatley not shabby at all.

Of all the holidays we have taken our son on he still makes comments regarding le coco in maritus!!!!
I would stay at the Maritim Hotel, Turtle Bay. I got married there and it was fantastic, the staff are wonderful, couldnt be more helpful, the room (prestige) was glorious, massive bed, fab bathroom, and for honeymoon couples it is so private!!! Have a good one wherever you stay! :)
Hi, im thinking of going to mauritius for hubbys 40th in sept/october of this year. can you please help me with a few questions please.

1. hotel melville, anyone know of it , what is it like etc.
2. What is mauritius like outside of hotel, is there plenty of night life?
3. What is the dress code withing hotel for evening and within local bars.
4. is it hot and dry at this time of year?
5. Is there day trips to be done if so what is there to see or do.
6. ...and last, is it cheap to eat and drink outside of hotel please.

Many thanks to you if you can help with the above questions.

Hi can anyone help with opinions on hotels. we have narrowed the choice down to Paul et Virginvie, Marina Resort, Indian Resort and Spa, Berjaya Le Morne. Depending on the budget we have also looked at Maritim, Beau Rivage and Les Pavilions. Hoping to book for this november ( 05 ) any tips for good companies to book with would also be appreciated, thanks guys and gals.
Hi everyone

Me and my family are planning on going to Mauritius in December..Has anyone been there? Whats it gona be like in terms of weather? Will there be alot of people, as its christmas period? We are thinking of going for about 10 nights an then stoping over in Dubai, as we enjoy going with Emirates.

Ive seen the prices and they are expensive!! When would be the best time to book? We are thinkning of HB/AL/FB?? we are a group of 4 adults
Hi i'm off to Maritius in July for a friends wedding :D .
I used to work in travel and i'd say yes it will be busy if you're planning on travelling over the xmas period - anywhere offering good weather is. I'd look at all inclusive as i've been told that Mauritius is pretty expensive, particularly alcohol.
We're also visiting Dubai and flying with Emirates so i'll add a review when i've been. :fly
hey thanx for the replying

When you say it will be busy..will the beaches be packed and will it be like fighting for a space everywhere?

Hey hope you have a good time....and cant wait to read the review :)
Hi. We actually got married at hotel les pavillons. It is a fabulous hotel . Cant fault it. We also went in November. It was scorching hot. If you would like to see some of our photos, please send me a private message.

Cheers Julie :) :)
Sorry forgot to say. We booked with Thomas Cook Signature. Got a very good deal, otherwise we wouldnt have been able to afford it. :D

We came back from Dubai in April, we had a 4 night stop on the way back from Thailand. If you are wanting shopping rather than beach stay in the city. We had to travel 45 mins everytime and only sat round the pool/beach for 1 hour as we had done that in Thailand. It would have been cheaper and more central in the city. Recommend Wild Wadi water park, Adventure Tours 4 x 4 trip called Sundowner, absolute must. Good shopping City Centre Mall and take a look at the supermarket. Good food here also and bowling and cinema

Emirates were very good and Dubai duty free is very cheap
I understand that Mauritius is a fairly exclusive resort and as such, if you pick a decent hotel, you shouldn't be fighting for space even at the busier times.
Hi, we went to Mrits in Oct 2003. I can honestly say it was the best (and most expensive) holiday we have ever had. We stayed at the Hilton in Flic en Flac however which was pricy, but worth every penny! Fabulous sunsets as it faces west, spa and food were amazing, staff (people on the island generally) were wonderfull. We will go back.

Down side? - yep 11 hours scum class overnight with BA - next time we will save another k and go business - it was hell.........

I am considering going to Mauritius in June/July but am unsure about the weather, I understand that it is their winter, but when i look at temperature charts it still seems to be warm.

Has anyone been this time of year??

It is still warm in July and they have less rain than during 'our' winter months (which is their summer!) - my friends checked this out before booking their wedding.
Just wondering whether eating out in Mauritius was expensive or not. I'm not a great fan of all-inclusive but if needs must I might consider it. I'm quite happy to eat in local restaurants as thats part of the holiday experience to me.
Hi Sunbear,

Went to Mauritius in 2002 around the Trou De Douce area. we stayed in an All Inclusive hotel and it was a weekly turnaround for the menu, as this wasn't very good we ventured out for a number of meals to the local restaurants. Found most of them to be very reasonably priced, and the food very good. They were definitely cheaper than the UK. The most expensive aspect of the meal will be your drinks.

Went into Grand Baie and also Port Louis a couple of times, and it's the same old situation, where eating on the main drags is far more expensive than the back streets.

that is interesting to know. I always thought Mauritius was expensive.
Thanks Sean63, I had heard rumours that eating out in Mauritius could be reasonable its nice to get some clarification of that. I had feared it might be like the Seychelles where eating could was sometimes a bit scary price wise.

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