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I moved into a new property last year in Benalmadena Costa. We purchased as a resale at completion so not exactly off-plan but close enough.

Advice. Get to know where your developers main office is, go there and make friends with who ever is dealing with aftersales. They are your lifeline to getting work done. Ours arranged all the utility contracts for us. We are still waiting for our first rates (IBI) demand.

The developers may well supply the water and electricity free until the meters are installed. Be prepare to pay connection charges.

There will be no light fittings, only bare wires. Make a trip to Carrefour or similar and by a trolley load of ceiling fans and wall lights as necessary.

Do not underestimate how long it will take to find furniture. Furniture such as beds and other display stock may be delivered same day, but anything from catalogs is 30 days.

Our Solicitor organised all the Utilities, I am sure he charged but it made life easy.

With regards to furniture, take your time, a lot of companies offer one stop furniture packages which seem good value until you break down the cost of each item.

If you are using it for your own pleasure then by the basics first, bed, light fittings etc and spend time buying the big expensive items.

With regards to which shops it depends on your tastes and where you live, if you like modern there is an IKEA in Seville, hire a van and off you go...but you can find comparable shops on the coast.

We also had to wait 6 weeks for sofas and a dining table.

The best places for cutlery etc is the large shopping centres, La Canada in Marbella or Miramar in Fuengirola, shops like CASA have a good cheap selection, like a small Habitat.

Good luck

You can save a fortune by spending a morning going round the furniture stores on one of Malaga's trading estates.

I furnished my apartment (albeit for rental rather than personal use) exclusively from items purchased at various warehouse/stores on the El Viso trading estate just past the university on the main road to Cartama.

You will find everything from cheap and cheerful to seriously up-market.
Thinking about the stuff that you Guys have passed on to me. Total Gold Dust! How else could I have gotten such practical, relevant info? As you will know yourselves the worries, fears and imagined terrors that run through my mind in the " wee small hours", to get such help is invaluable, hugely appreciated and will become part of my cunning master plan!!
Seriously it helps immensely and I only hope that in future I can help someone in the same way. I would like to meet any of you in person, if the opportunity arose in the future. Any further tips much welcomed.
Cheers, Michael.
I note in another post that you were asking for info re a railway station at Torrequebrada, so I guess that is where you are buying. Our apartment is in the Pueblo Torrequebrada complex. We plan a permananent move, hopefully in January. So send me a personal message anytime you are coming out after then and maybe we can help you out.

hi all...talking of Torrequebrada,can you tell about the area,im on a mission to buy next month and Torrequebrada is on my list,i know the casino hotel but whats the pueblo like?is it a far walk to get to the beach? could i easily rent out ??
Just moved in as permananent residents (or as permanent as anything can be) at Pueblo Torrequebrada.

If you've not been before the whole Torrequebrada area is very new. most of the developments are now complete. Our developement is called Pueblo Torrequebrada, and as it's name suggests it is built in white village style. It is very pretty and generally very quiet off season. Renting wouldn't be a problem from June to September, but would be very patchy outside of this.

It's about a 5 minute walk down to the the beach (cove really), and a 10 minute walk back up a gradually steepening hill.

One commercial centre below some apartments on the main road are just being fitted out and no doubt most will be let by the summer. A 3 storey comercial centre is currently at the foundation level and probably won't be ready until summer 2007.

The main bus to Malaga also terminates at the Flatotel at the bottom of he hill, and for 95 cents will take you along Benalmadena seafront and into Torremelinos. A few cents more will take you all the way to Malaga. This bus runs about every 15-20 minutes until 2 in the morning. Another bus goes to Fuengirola every 30 to 40 minutes.

You have to go into Benalmadena for any British bars. You can walk to Coco's in about 20 minutes.

In summary, if you want to be near the action, but not in it, then we recon Torrequebrada is an ideal spot.

If you want any more advice/info or maybe drop by for a coffee email me and I'll pass on my phone number.

hi cliff thanks,ive pmed you....
when buying a house off plan in turkey is this the way to pay for it in three stages.first deposit then large payment ,then final payment .this means that we pay for the house before it is finished .is this normal practise ,as we have no tapu ,and this is the most important document so i gather from this website :? can anyone advise
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