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hi thornensian :D

Welcome to HT
Try posting in the ex-pats and owners abroad forum you should hopefully get a better response in there .

hope you get the answers you are looking for :wink:

:gluck ness x
Can you tell me how I can get on those 2 sites Ness.
Transferred from Costa del Sol

David HT Mod
I know it's not Calahonda, but have you thought of Gibralter?

Apologies for late reply :oops: if you go onto HT homepage and scroll down you will see the "ex-pats and owners abroad" forum just click on it and it will take you into the forum :D as you can see your topic has been moved for you into there by a HT mod :wink: hopefully you will get the info you need :D

ness x

for any Euro vacancies try the job centre site.
from bar staff to engineering.. ..

The site is always being updated..
i tried to search just to make sure writting this was worth while
but the web masters at the job centre site are in the wrong job.
it was working fine a while back but they've "IMPROVED IT" and it doesn't work for me now.. .. .. (just having a moan) :lol: its the java scripts not being compatible with my mac i think.. but PC's should be OK..


paul.. .
I too am a qualified nurse and would love to work in Spain. Although I would prefer to work further north in Spain, eg Catalunya. The massive drawback is that I don't speak Spanish. I have tried to learn the language but find it very difficult. I could prob get to grips with conversational Spanish, but then there is the local dialects too (such as catalan) which are slightly different. I also would then have to learn medical speak too!
I don't wish to sound ignorant, but I wonder if there are any English-speaking hospitals in any of the resort area's.

My parents have a neighbour who is British. She is a qualified nurse, but could not get a job in Spain, as it seems there are tasks that nurses do here, whereas it's a doctor's job in UK. Therefore, she was qualified to work only as an assistant... Better to check out to avoid disapointments.

Thanks gaia. It sounds like I'd end up doing something else if we moved over there.

Oh well, will just have to keep praying for that lottery win!
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