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Unfortunately one of the drawbacks of the larger ships more passengers meanns more risk of an outbreak this type of incident is usually down to a passengerarriving with the infection and not declaring it. A lot of passengers also have no idea of hygiene i have witnessed many not hand washing after using the toilet facilities.
I cannot understand people who do not wash their hands after being to the toilet. It's simply plain disgusting. Did their parents not teach them basic hygiene? But it's not just on ships. I've been in toilet facilities and watched people walk past the washbasins without washing their hands. Yuk.

I have decided that the next time I'm on a cruise and someone does not wash their hands I will say something - unless they are bigger than me!!!!
I know it’s a while since this post, I’ve recently been on Independence of the Seas, fortunately there were no problems. Hygiene standards are very high, and after the recent refit they have added sinks and towels outside the buffet restaurant, staff on guard to make sure you use them and the hand gel as well. As was the case last summer, you can’t access any restaurant without passing a hygiene station. The song “Wishy washy, always wash your hands” is embedded in my brain after hearing it several times a day during my recent 2 week cruise.
There are notices on the inside of all toilet doors asking you to use a paper towel to open the door on the way out. Good advice anywhere.
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