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It used to be Thomson, not so sure anymore. Thomas Cook aren't withdrawing premium until next summer anyway, I presume its November this year you're going?

P&O normally charter Thomson Airways normally, as well as Thomas Cook. You'll find aircraft information on our What Aircraft? guide (link below).

P&O use both Thomson and Thomas Cook, If you have a little more information(departure date, times, ship) for me to go on I have the cruise schedule for Thomson we can narrow it down to Thomson or Thomas Cook and which type of aircraft as Thomson have differently configured 767s.

As far as Thomson goes:-
In premium you generally get a more personal service, more substantial meal. Upgraded amenity packs both ways rather than outbound only and generally a calmer more relaxed experience. Drinks tend to be more free flowing in premium. £199 seems reasonable as it can be as much as £360 with Thomson direct.
thanks for replies everyone,
ok, theyve given me a flight no tcx132 its for november 2011, and its offering a premium service at £199, but no extra baggage weight as its set at 23kg.

That would be Thomas Cook Airlines in that case. Aircraft details are on our What Aircraft? guide (link below).

what about the premium, is that still being served as its nov 2011, and p&o seem to think so, cant get anyinfo off t.c site. thanks everyone.

As chelle_375 posted above, TCX aren't withdrawing the premium seating until Summer 2011, so it's available up until the end of April 2011. You'll have to speak to your tour operator with regards to availability. You'll find more information on the dedicted THOMAS COOK AIRLINES - FLYTHOMASCOOK .. Q&As topic.

I also have booked from Manchester Premium Class it should have been Birmingham but P&O stuffed that up too Holiday flight for the Ventura in December
I have just been in formed we get 23kg luggage for a 28 day cruise! (Premium Class)
None of the perks Thomas Cook advertise in Premium and pay more for the privilege than Thomas Cook ask
Thomas Cook gives 30kg when booking with them
I will not be using P&O again unless I book my own flights or they give what it says on the tin flight wise
I have no worry about the ship it will be great but P&O do not seem to worry about passenger comfort two and from Barbados
I can see the Yanks standing for that situation?
I also am leaving from Manchester for the Ventura - it was Birmingham but P&O changed it without a by your leave!
I am Premium Class
Simple truth you get nothing
Try and pre book a seat - no chance
Baggage allowance 23kg for 28 days (Thomas Cook give 30kg Premium)
Hand baggage 10cm less tan all other air lines charter or otherwise
No other perks all you get is more leg room same meals, same check in no lounge
Thomas Cook not Guilty - its P&O there flight department is both arrogant and unhelpful
I am locked in to traveling with them - due to other family on the ship
HOwever I will never use P&O again and nor will loads of others when they see what they get
Ships great treated like refugees to and from the ship no so good
P&O should realise our holidays start at the airport
If TC offer a premium package P&O should honour that :que
If P&O have chartered the entire flight for themselves and TC are just the contracted provider then what TC normally offer in their own holiday packages is irrelevant. You should get what the P&O brochure said you would get - if it was vague and you assumed something without getting it confirmed properly then you can't really complain. It could work in your favour - although TC are withdrawing Premium service
from their packages
it's possible that P&O have contracted them to supply something on these flights.

On the other hand, if the P&O brochure specified a service (or directly referred to a current TC document) and you aren't going to get that service then P&O are in breach of contract.
I accept all you say - for the record I travel world wide for a living I know what works and what is acceptable
I said to my agent if it was Thomas Cook I do not want to travel with them at the time of booking after a charter flight from hell to the Caribbean on another cruise.
I was told it possible would be First Choice or Thomson; I also booked from Birmingham this was changed by P&O, unilaterally to Manchester, with tuff if you do not like it. "Not sorry it was out of our control" that has cost us another £200, we then are told if you want to sit together pay us £12 per person per flight, when we were told Premium passengers are pre seated, it is impossible to book a seat even or agent tried and they agreed.
Get really into the small print they give 23kg for a 28 day cruise and 5kg hand baggage, with a size 10cm less then any other carrier.
I asked the question of the MD would you cruise with that allowance for 28 days?
I also asked would you dare sell this to a USA customer.
I was even told it's only the Ventura so we cut formal nights you do not need so much stuff
(See comments on the chav Cruise) and "you can wash yor cloths on board" it says it all the flight depatment id very unhelpful and arogant
P&O charge more for less service on Premium flights than the airline advertise surly it's a quality issue?
Their cruises (Carnival lines) are great how they get you to the ship then off it also good,
In the travel business Charter flights are hated by the crews -- its mass misery transport not regarded as part of the Holiday
The Charter flight just drags down the quality of the product
My last Cruise was to NZ and Oz flights by Emirates Business class, I can afford to pay but I am told I cant it's a package end of story
My Daughter and grand kids are on the Ship so we are locked in for Christmas
I know we will have a good time however on board, if things are to improve the customer must say what's wrong
Flying is like child birth when its over you forget (so I am told) so one time customers do not complain
I know 6 other people who did not book on the Ventura in February when the flight small print was pointed out, Royal Caribbean's gain I certainly will nt be booking with P&O if a charter is involved - they will be losing one very good customer.

I get the feeling that when you booked all this P&O hadn't actually chartered a plane with anyone from anywhere! The problem is that they will have buried something in the T&Cs to cover the changes. Lessons to be learnt here but it's probably better in the Cruise section than Flight Only since prospective passenegrs would be looking for advice there.

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