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price of living
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Hi i went a couple of years ago and found food and drink cheap. When i was there they had alot of happy hours at different tmies and in different bars, so plenty of choice. I would definately go back again as it was a great holiday.
We took 1000€ last year for spending. We were half board and we came home with 350€. So it shows that it can be quite cheap as we bought lunches, drink and lots of stuff at the theme park for that.

Hi there,
we were there in May this year.
Me, hubby, a teenager and 2 our other 2 kids managed to stick to a budget of 150 euros per day, and we didn't skimp on anything.

The prices of meals vary tremendously - we paid between 30 and 50 euros for a good evening meal with drinks. A large beer can cost 2 to 3 euros, and 1 euro for a can of pop or ice lolly. Kid's menus tend to be between 2 and 5 euros...

You just need to look around at the prices really....

Hope this helps!.

I must of been going to the wrong places as we were in salou in June this year. We took £1000 and came back with £150, bearing in mind we were self catering and ate out every day. Ice creams and lollies we were paying 2.50 euros, we did find a spar in Salou that we found quite cheap. Any way have a great time

stayed in dorada palace last year there was 3 of us half board food was that good we never had to eat out. already had our theme park tickets before we left but whent out every night around salou we took 700 pounds with us. and still came back with some after 1 week allthough we are not heavy drinkers not with a 9year old in tow but still had great fun

yours the fatboy
If you are looking for cheap I am afraid Spain is no longer your place, true it's only the resorts, if you go out of the resorts it gets much cheaper, I doubt apart from cigarettes and alcohol (from the shops not the bars) it is much cheaper than the UK and in some respects it is more expensive.

The thing is that the prices have fallen in the UK for many items, there are loads of reasons for this but they were artificially high in the first place
hi all
we are going to salou on tuesday,me, hubby, kids (16,13,2 1/2) the 2 eldest have money of their own we are taking 2,600 euro will this last for the 2 wks do you think. we are self catering staying at festival village

any opinions would be helpful

thanks pam xx
as i posted earlier, we spent about 150 euros per day - we were self catering but didn't cater... we ate out all the time. (there were 5 of us - me&hubby plus a 13year old that eats as much as hid dad, a 7 year old and a little one of 4). Some days we spent a little more, other days when we just did the beach, we spent less. There is such a diference in prices in the restaurants, just have a good look around for what seems like good value for money.

I'd say you'll have loads of money.

Have a good time.
Hi all.

I'm going to Salou in October with my wife and 3 kids. Can anybody give me any info on food prices and alike as we are going self catering and don't want to leave ourselves short.

If you have any other hints and tips for us whilst we are in Salou, places to eat etc, I'd be most grateful.

Thanks all :D
hi prices in salou are nto to bad we ate out for three meals a day family of five for two weeks we did everthing we could do went on trips etc and just spent approx 1500 british pounds where are you staying
The boat house which can be found at the roundabout where Holiday's shop is. The one way street heading away from Holidays and one block down is the boat house. Service can be slow but the food is fantastic and reasonable.
we stayed in cap salou while we was there in july and we ate out every night sometimes at places in salou and all were about the same price there is 6 of us ( me other half and 4 kids ) but 3 are classed as adults so we was paying for 5 adult meals and 1 childs all time most evenings we had main course and desserts plus drinks and bill usually came to about 70 euros which i think was good value for money . we tended to buy fresh baguettes and fill them ourselves from local supermarkets for lunch and in salou they have places you can buy freshly cooked chickens from all day long they smelt lovely when we walked past them . i did not like their bread very much it was really sweet that is why we went for the baguettes . the supermarkets were very well stocked with quite a variety of things to choose from and was quite good value aswell
We are staying at Medditerranea Village in Cap Salou.

I've been to Salou once before but that was back in 1995 so I'm sure it's changed and grown in size since then. We were aiming for about 100 Euro's a day food wise so sounds like were gonna be ok.

Thanks for your advice guys, much appreciated :D
Can anybody recommend a good place to eat by our hotel?
smugglers inn and the tap house were brilliant for food and prices
The med village has its own shop and the priced are not too bad. There is a thread on cap salou im sure you will get lots of tips there.
I must be really tight :lol:
I have been to Salou twice now and love the place but find it expensive to eat and drink there so have been half board.
I would'nt know where to start advising on how much money to take but I would certainly have back up plastic. I think the prices are certainly more than you pay here and when on holiday I like things a bit cheaper like they are in Benidorm.
Actually, I agree with cheesepasty. The food and drink prices are expensive. It used to be cheap until the Euro came in! We paid about the same price for food and drink as we pay here in England so definitely take plastic as a backup!
I definitely agree with the previous two comments. My partner and I did feel that Salou was more expensive than many other resorts for food and drink. We went for 2 weeks so tried to be careful and budgeted our money so we would still have another for the last few days!

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